What u carry when it pours/snows?

  1. It's been pouring like mad over here last 2 days.. so am wondering what H ladies do when the weather is bad? Do you whip out your rainkit?

    I don't own any H bags yet, but when it rains I carry my LV monograms. No leather bags for bad weather.

    I had a nasty surprise when I fished out my LVs, I got mould on the handles :yucky: I love my "boho" apartment but I am not liking the mould part a bit. We have a dehumidifier currently ..I am worried when I get my Kelly and mould :shrugs: May have to upgrade the dehumidifier capacity. :cursing:

    So please share your rainy day secrets!
  2. I carry my LV Saleya when the weather is bad. :yes:
  3. clemence cacahuete - it's a shoulder bag so it tucks under my arm for protection but the leather is perfectly fine in that weather.
  4. I also break out the LV saleya -- but only if I'm going to be out and about IN the weather...otherwise I'm not afraid to use my chevre or togo bags...would leave my chamonix plume at home though!
  5. I carry my Rouge Imperiale Garden Party when it rains. I'll also be carrying my Massai (clemence) when winter arrives here.
  6. HiHeels, the clemence cacahuete is a great idea!

    I use my French Co Speedy 25.....
  7. I was carrying my Birkin togo a few weeks ago and it began to HAIL:wtf: , I ran 3 blocks in HAIL to my car and almost had a heart attack, I mean it. The Birkin was fine, togo leather:rolleyes: .
    I carry my black Bottega Veneta hobo in the rain, always(that is when I KNOW it will rain!!!)
  8. I usually carry a patent Marc Jacobs tote, Trim, Togo Birkin, or GPT.
  9. Balenciaga City, Trim or LV Damier something. Haven't tried the Birkin yet.
  10. Yeah, I carry my Speedy 25 and Manhattan PM or my Longchamp Les Pliages.

    HH: I have no idea what is a cacahuete but I am going to research on that NOW! :ninja:

    Orchids & GF: Great Idea on GPT, I like them .. should get one for the rainy season ... ;)

    Star : I would have a heart attack too... :sos: I would hide somewhere with cover and wait till the hail/rain tide over (in Singapore, rain storm goes on for hours!)

  11. When the weather is that bad... I go for clemence, togo, or fjord!
  12. Either my mizi vienna or oskar waltz. They both seem to hold up really well in bad weather (for now).:push:
  13. My Vermilion Chevre Bolide has been doing very well in the Seattle weather lately... HNE
  14. When I know it's going to rain I leave my Hermes bags at home and grab my Prada leather hobo or my Fendi zucchino mama baguette.
  15. I too, bust out the Damier Saleya or my Goyard bags!