what types of shoes are in your wardrobe?

  1. As much as I love shoes, I don't have much of em. Not because I don't want to, but because I just don't know what I need and what is missing from my wardrobe. Here's what I have:

    - pair of classic black pointy-toe stiletto pumps - wear to work, going out
    - brown knee-high pointy-toe boots - going out (not very comfy so not often)
    - brown suede wedge boots - work
    - black peep-toe pumps - special occasions (they're 5 inches...gotta love the CLs)
    - flip flops

    I have a full-time corporate job now in a relatively relaxed environment. I'm basically wearing my relatively unattractive wedge boots to work every day and switching into either flip flops or the black pumps depending on what meetings I have that day. It's gotten to the point where every day i'm either wearing the wedge boots or the flip flops, and it's definitely getting old and inappropriate. I want to get more shoes, but what..? Help!
  2. IMO you need some colour! every girl has got to have red shoes. Maybe some stiletto sandals too, nude or metallics in order for it to go with everything. It also depends on what type of weather you are dealing with also with the predominant colours in your wardrobe.
  3. What about a pair of flats? Or booties?
  4. I agree flats...they'd be much more professional looking than the flip flops you have. Maybe a round toe pair and a pointy toe pair. I'd get the pointy toe in black or whatever color that would go with most of your work clothes. The round pair you could get in a fun different color...gray, blue, red...oohh, so many choices. I'm also thinking maybe a pair of the chunkier heel pumps that are coming back in right now...those could be for work and play...Have fun with it, try some on and go with what feels right according to weather, comfort and your wardrobe.
  5. I second the booties suggestion. Or oxfords, if you like the style. Too bad the platform loafer fad has waned - those are great for the office!
  6. thanks for the suggestions, guys. im definitely thinking a cute pair of flats, both round and pointy-toe. as for oxfords and booties, not such a fan....

    keep the suggestions coming! im definitely going to remember all of em and go shoe shopping first chance i get :smile: