What type of work does the Balenciaga Babe do?

  1. Alright we have a obsessions ~

    what kind of work does everyone have?

    payroll for me ~

    Linda Marie
    Never Enough

  2. I used to be a publishing executive, and now I'm a freelance writer/dog trainer in New York City.

    Since I'm not a suit anymore, I've been playing around with a really expressive wardrobe...and that's where my B Bags fit in.
  3. I'm a stay-at-home mom. I also do favors for special occasions (weddings, showers, parties...etc). Before I got married, I worked as a secretary at a hospital while I attented college. I double majored in Political Science and International Relations but dropped out in my senior year when my grandfather became ill. After he passed away I began to take care of my grandmother and never returned. I should've- that's my only regret in life so far.
  4. Well this stud (I guess that is the male equal to babe) is a marketer for a media company in SF -- I handle their online accounts.
  5. It was very good of you to take care of your family. I am sure both of your grandparents really appreciated having such a loving granddaughter. If you really regret it, you can always go back to school when your kids get older. I had a friend in a similar situation and she just started back taking online courses to finish her degree.
  6. I am a hairstylist but one day want to own a boutique where I can consign Designer bags like Balenciaga!
  7. eMarketing / digital media specialist... I'm currently shopping for my first b bag... do i count? :smile:

  8. Sure, you do! Make sure and post pics when you get your bag!
  9. I dont have a job I am still in high school but I would like to be the editor of Vogue someday :smile:
  10. ^ I like that aspiration, haute! I'd certainly read it :biggrin:

    As for me, I'm a grad student.
  11. I own a dog grooming salon in the suburbs & part of a restaurant in the city + I am in grad school and have an assistantship researching mental health needs for women in the correctional system.
  12. Currently in the dental field.
  13. I'm in corporate recruiting at a consulting/technology firm.
  14. I'm the director of CEO Communications for a large insurance company. In other words, I write speeches, annual reports, etc. I majored in journalism and used to be a newspaper reporter and editor.
  15. I'm an Editor (which doesn't make much) but my DH is a financial advisor (he helps with my BBag purchase)!