What type of wine would you recommend for a newly turned 21 y/o?

  1. I turned 21 just a couple of months ago, but I'm not much of a drinker.

    I was at TGI Fridays a couple of weeks ago and tried this wine called "caramel apple chardonnay" and it was FOUL! I thought it was so disgusting! I only had a couple of sips, passed it to my friends, and they thought it was gross too!

    Can you guys recommend me a good bottle of wine? TIA! I prefer fruity drinks like wine-coolers, smirnoffs, etc.. Oh, and I greatly dislike beer!

    I heard that trader joe's has really good wine? Oh and price isn't an issue. Are there any luxury wines that I should try?
  2. Well, brand really depends and I generally don't shop by brand- I have a cap on what I'll spend.

    If you like sweet, kind of fruity things, you might like a white zinfandel. Reislings are a sweet, white wine that you might like. I really like pino grigio- it is sweet, but not super sweet and not "oaky" as some chardonnays can be. It usually has a bit of a fruity taste. I really like the Bella Serra brand and I can find that for about $10 at my grocery store.
  3. Asti Spumante is really good. I can't stand dry wines, I like sweet and I really like this. Also another sweet wine is Moscato.
  4. Gerwerztraminer (may have spelled it wrong).

    It is a sweet wine that is also very complicated and therefore sophisticated. Botritus must be involved in the harvest before fermentation.

    If the places you frequent don't about Gevertz, then ask for a Chardonnay spritzer with a twist of lemon. If the waithelp doesn't know what you mean, ask to speak to the bartender.
  5. I was also going to suggest Pino Grigio...very mild.
  6. Mmm yes Asti is a very easy to drink sparkling wine. Other types of wines that I usually find to be pretty mild are Beaujolais, if you are interested in red wine, or Riesling, which is usually pretty light and fruity (this one's white). TBH I did not like wine when I first started drinking it. It's kind of an acquired taste. When you're starting out, don't go too cheap- try the $15-20 range and the wine will taste less harsh. What usually works for me is I go to a wine shop where the staff are knowledgeable and ask them for recommendations. Tell them how much you want to spend, and that you'd like something mild/not harsh (these are the words I use to get wine that is easy to drink and not too "wine-y." Or, go out to a restaurant with friends and order wine by the glass, and try a sip of each. You just have to try a lot to find what you like, so be patient and have fun!
  7. Asti Spumante is a nice sweet wine. Thx for reminding me. White Reisling is also sweet.

    Again, my spelling is terrible. Make adjustments!
  8. Yes, you must try Reisling!
  9. For whites, a pinot gris or pinot grigio are fabulous.

    Reds: try a merlot, pinot noir or cabernet/merlot combo. for me, cabernets are a little too strong on their own unless I'm having a very hearty meal.

    I would also suggest reading Wine Spectator magazine or checking out their website winespectator.com. Lots of great info here. Also, find out if there is a good, local wine shop in your area. Mine, for example, has a wine of the month club where you can sign up for a $50/month 2-bottle purchase of red wines they choose (plus a discount on cases if you want). Pretty cool!
  10. Thanks for your help everyone! :smile: I just wrote down every single wine that all of you suggested. It seems like the most popular ones are reislings, pinot grigio, and asti spomante. I'll buy those and try it out first!

    Are there certain wines that you have to match with certain foods?


    Oh and are there certain types of wines that are stronger than others? Whenever I have a few sips of alcohol, my face turns a bit pink...yikes!
  11. Well, traditionally white wines go with chicken, seafood and reds go with red meats but honestly just experiment!

    Also, check out fineliving.com or just google "food and wine pairing" for some ideas. Ideally you want the food and wine to enhance eachother...you don't want a heavy merlot overpowering a white fish dish, for example.

    Here's something from fineliving.com:

    Sauvignon Blanc: spicy. Sauvignon Blanc is a versatile white wine that goes well with many foods. Various spices and herbs tend to bring out the characteristics and flavors of this aromatic, spicy varietal, and Richard suggests trying it with savory Asian cuisine.
    Pinot Noir: soft. Pinot Noir is a graceful, soft red wine that also works very well with Pacific Rim cuisine. Made from delicate grapes that prefer cool climates, Pinot Noir offers a complex and satisfying mix of flavors and also goes very well with pasta and lighter beef dishes.
    Cabernet: intense. Cabernet is an intense, full-bodied wine that might overwhelm the quieter flavors of Asian food. This rich, fruity red will make the best of a hearty meal like steak or chops.

  12. I personally think that red is an aquired taste.

    Try Santa Margarita Pino Grigio. It's my favorite white and I'm also new(er) to wine.
  13. My favourites are Cabernet, Cabernet/Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. I am partial to full bodied red wines and do not care for white wines and I particularly dislike Reislings.
  14. when i think "tutty fruity starter wine" i automatically think of a white zinfandel (blush wine). the more your palate develops, the more ull hate it, but i loved it when i first started to drink wine. then i switched to white, then red. now i enjoy various whites and reds. through tasting, ive found that i prefer pino grigios, pino noirs, chardonnays, cabernet blanc and sarviogn, lol the list goes on. but the most important thing to remember is growing region. test them out, see what you like, then experiment by brand. and welcome to the club!!
  15. I think that a riesling or pinot grigio is a good first wine to try. Sometimes it helps to look at the percentage of residual sugar - the higher, the sweeter. You can even just try a plain "table white" - just a plain, run of the mill white wine. A lot of the wineries nearby do their own table white and they are just very mild and easy to drink. One of my favorite $20 & under choices is the chateau st michelle riesling..very easy to drink!