What type of WALLET do you have in your b-bag?

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  1. I need a new wallet and i'm trying to get some imput. I'm not a huge fan of balenciaga wallets (don't hate me) - I'm thinking about a Bottega Veneta wallet (in black), but it got me to thinking about wallet choices for b-bags.

    Do you like to keep all of your accesories the same as your bag - or do you mix it up?
  2. GREAT thread!!!! I am hunting for a new wallet too!
  3. I have a LV epi checkbook in red; a LV damier credit card; a vintage chocolate croc coin purse and another vintage med. brown croc makeup. I'm hope to get a flat clutch to put everything in when I carry my work but I can't decide what color or what hardware!
  4. :yes: Gucci. I mix it up as well. Prior resident was a Marc Jacobs, and a soon to be replacement is an LV. But I LOVE my bbag.
  5. i gave up LV wallet after losing 2 of them~
    I've 3 Balenciaga money(i know...)and love them! i make it match w/ my purse everytime:shame:
  6. I alternate between a LV black MC french purse and a mono zippy.

  7. i have a marc jacobs wallet in red...
    it's easy to find in my bag because of the color...
  8. Marc Jacobs clutch ;)
  9. I dont have a Balenciaga wallet so I use my LV PTI or my Dior double flight wallet
  10. I have few wallets. The one I carry every day is a small b-wallet. I also have a coach check book wallet and a kate spade mini coin purse that's just big enough for a couple of cards and a couple of bucks.

    I carry my b-wallet in all of my bags. I don't switch it out. So some days it's in a kate spade bag, some days Coach, some days Gryson, some days Michael Kors, some days in an actual b-bag:smile:
  11. I've got a beautiful grey Marc Jacobs clutch
  12. I carry mostly Coach accessories. Can't beat the quality for the money! I also have a Balenciaga coin purse, which I love! My Coach accessories are a small tri-fold wallet with my every day essentials, a larger, zip-around wallet that has checkbook, coupons, cards I don't use very often, etc., sunglasses, and smallish makeup bag. The only thing I leave out when I switch to my firsts is the larger zip-around wallet.
  13. Black Marc Jacobs Zip Clutch
  14. CHANEL!![​IMG]
  15. I have an Oroton Purse and a Bal Coin Purse in my bag