What type of wallet/cardholder do you carry with your small handbags?

  1. I am not sure if this has been discussed before but my normal wallet is too big and has too many things in it to take out at night with a small handbag. Often times, I just put some cards and cash in a zip pocket but I like to be a little more organized. I found this at Off Fifth but am not sure I should keep it so was wondering what other people use. Thanks!

  2. I just use my LV Vernis cles. It's small enough to not crowd up any size bag.
  3. Same here, actually I just bought a new MC one that I must post, they are wonderful for credit cards! Get one!
  4. My LV koala fits really well in the LV pouchette. I use it for my other small bags too.
  5. Normally I carry my everday LV because it's small, but I use an old Givenchy wallet I've had since college for really small bags. I did some some fabulous card holders and such at Nordstrom recently, and they were all under $38.
  6. All LVs. I will check out eluxury. Maybe I will get one of those too. Thanks!
  7. I use a monogram porte-vert. Its the folding card holder with the two plastic windows. I like it b/c its really thin and can fit into anything.
  8. Is this the same thing? If so, why are people paying more than retail? I am tired so I may be missing something.

    My grandma's mantra: People are stupid.

    I say get the MJ wallet! I love it, especially that Nutmeg color!
  9. So they are the same? Funny!

    I actually got the royal blue. They had the nutmeg and I originally went for that but decided to do something "fun." I have to go back tomorrow anyway so will rethink it.
  10. Chigirl, your MJ's Credit Card Case is cute; assuming you got a good deal at Off(?), I would keep it. If you still have doubts, then you can look around for another one. Good luck. =)

    I use Cartier's Wallet (9 CC slots) and switch to Cartier's Credit Card Case when I use a small handbag. They are both leather and black, I personally prefer leather and monogram-free wallets/purses. Cartier meets my needs.
  11. I just put my id, cash, and cc in the zip pocket of my purse. The MJ card holder is so cute. It's a keeper IMO!
  12. The price was $115 so that is pretty good, I think, as it retails for $175.
  13. A little embarrassing, but I carry the Lancome change purse that I got in a free gift b/c the size and style perfectly fit my needs. It has a zip compartment for my liscence and lesser used cards, and a front flap for ready access, plus a key chain. It's black nylon and holding up great:smile:
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