What type of slow cooker should I buy?

  1. I went shopping for slow cookers the other day but couldn't decide on the size or brand. I want something I can stick a small roast in, but yet I want a digital, push button setting thing. I also want a simple stainless steel looking one because my kitchen is very modern looking and I don't want it to clash. I was looking at this Krups one but its a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer in one. I wonder if its any good. Anyone???
  2. I have the stainless, digital model made by crockpot. You can set the temp, cook time and everything. It was around $60 at BBB. I like it and it goes with my stainless appliances.
  3. I was actually researching this just a few weeks ago. I currently have a Rival Crock Pot that I registered for without investigating very thoroughly. Unfortunately it burns around the bottom edge. So, I am looking to get a new one. I found this article on Slate Which slow cooker is best? - By Jill Hunter Pellettieri - Slate Magazine that was pretty interesting. When I do buy my next one (hopefully soon), it will be the Cuisinart that they ranked most highly. As a bonus, it is stainless steel and I think has the options you're looking for.
  4. Thanks. The Cuisinart one sounds nice. I never really thought of how it cooks and the taste and all until I read that Slate article. I guess you get what you pay for. Thanks again!
  5. I have a Suzanne Somers one I use for my shows/Suzanne parties(Hamilton Beach made it,it is no longer available) but one thing I love about it is the inserts where two seperate items can be cooked at once. I have found it to be just wonderful,the ability to slow cook two things at once, but also remove them to cook something large like a roast or a turkey. So when you are looking, I definitely recommend the kind with accessories where you can use it in different ways. I love my slow cooker-I use it several times a week! It is so no hassle.
  6. I bought a little one at target for about 12.00 for dips and soups (for one person).

  7. That's good to know! I've only used liners with mine (at least this one) so I guess I won't go without! Burned on food would be so hard to clean!
  8. I strongly recommend a Hamilton Beach 6 qt automatic. My future MIL got one for me for xmas and it is wonderful! Holds a lot, too.

    (Oh, and I always use liners- makes clean up so much easier.)

    Hamilton Beach 6-qt. Oval Slow Cooker - SHOP.COM