What type of pens does Simone use to autograph the toki bags?

  1. I'm assuming he uses a certain kind of pen to draw his pictures on the bags that he autographs otherwise it would run or smear more... Does anyone know what kind it is? If anyone was brave enough to color in their tutti I'm assuming they'd have to use a similar kind of pen?
  2. sharpies
  3. I don't know exactly what he uses, but the gold and silver ones he uses on solid colored bags seem to be the fabric pens I use at work.

    If he used Sharpies, I would assume they'd bleed, at least a little, on fabric...?
  4. There's a special metallic kind of sharpie-pen that I think is made for special things, like fabrics and other materials... I have a silver one that would probably write just like Simone's does~
  5. Yeah, I think metallic sharpies- I have a few bags he signed where is smeared a bit- but in this drawings he did for me- the outline was in sharpie and then some kind of paint/fabric paint to fill in highlights...the paper absorbed it pretty well- I waited about two minutes before I drove across the street to Aaron brothers to buy a frame for my two drawings.....truly OCD I know! :p
  6. Yup, they were definitely sharpies along with those ink paint pens to color the inside. The outlines of my drawings from him definitely bled a bit.
  7. Ew, I would definitely not like that... :nogood: I'm surprised he just doesn't use the fabric pens... Maybe the fabric pens blend if put next to each other so he uses the Sharpies as the liner/barrier. Same with color tattoos and black liners... If you don't use black ink to seperate the colors, they'll eventually blend together.
  8. Here's pics of him signing....
    IMG_2499_2.JPG IMG_2500_2.JPG IMG_2501_2.JPG IMG_2502_2.JPG
  9. rileygirl: Looking at your signature, when is the Damier Sophie supposed to come out? I've had my name on the waiting list for mooooooooooonths.
  10. She's supposed to be out in August. Haven't heard anything yet though.
  11. Fabric pens, sharpies, metallic sharpies. He had a huge bag filled with markers during the Friday signing. His drawing/signature on my inferno zucca has bled a tiny bit (he used a sharpie on it) but it's not really noticeable at all.

    I took like 20 pictures of him :sweatdrop: he's just too adorable.
  12. Thanks! I have my name down for a friend on the mainland... It's supposedly exclusive to Hawaii and Japan like the first Damier?
  13. Where did you WL at? Supposedly there's not much being sent out. Someone from the mainland posted a thread in the LV forum that she got called for her Sophie from Maui but no one from Oahu got called yet. The monogramp Sophie in December shipped 7000 to Hawaii and this one's supposed to be waaaay less.
  14. I called Ala Moana. Hmmm... Maybe I should call them tomorrow to make sure my name is on the list and ask if they have an expected date yet... Did you wait list?
  15. Yep, at AM...if you call, can you PM and tell me what they said? Thanks!