What type of paddy should I get?

  1. Hey I have only just joined this website so first of all I would like to say HELLO to you all! Secondly It is my 15th Birthday in early May and I'm desperately after a designer bag! I have a choice of either a Fendi spy bag in Tan or a chloe paddington in Ivory or whisky I'm totally unable to make a decsion I want a bag that will last and still look really stylish! Thanx so much for reading xxx:love:
  2. Just my opinion. But because of your age I say get a paddy. You will save a few hundred dollars too. The spy costs a bit more

    When I was 15 I couldnt see myself carrying a Spy. A paddy is much more youthful and cute looking. But that's just my opnion

    Good Luck:biggrin:
  3. Hi rainbow_rose and welcome! :smile:

    Unfortunately, I don't think it would be responsible for me to recommend either type of bag, on the basis that it will 'still look really stylish' in the long term. If you want a bag that will not go out of fashion, so quickly; you really need to choose a more unusual designer, or style, so that most people don't know what it is and/or which season/era it's from!

    IMO, both of these beautiful bags are, almost certainly, way too recognisable to escape the shifting sands of fashion, for too much longer (I've already heard quite a few murmurings of 'I think I may be over the whole padlock thing/Spy thing', on this forum :worried: ).

    If you like these bags, buy the one you like the best and enjoy it, but please don't expect it to stay in fashion for ever!

    I think both bags have an equal chance of lasting (i.e. not falling apart), if you take good care of them.

    Hope this helps! :smile:
  4. Hey thanks so much for your opinion it has definitly helped and I appreciate you taking the time to answer. Many Thanks Rose x
  5. ooo wish I would have had such a great present at 15!! you are one lucky girl! what have you gone for?
  6. When I was 15 I got a hairdryer!! How times have changed!!

  7. ROFLMAO!!
    I think I got, uh, uh, a cake.
  8. :lol:

    A cake haha!! I think my parents might have stretched to a Sara Lee black forest gateau for me (Sorry - going totally O/T now!)
  9. Well I say if you and your parents agree, I would go for the Blanc paddy! Although I am much older than you are, I think this bag is adorable, and goes with everything.
  10. Welcome Rainbow Rose! I have to vote for the Whiskey Paddy. I think it will be a great all year round bag for you that you will enjoy for years. It's a great color and a fun style! Happy Birthday to you!
  11. I love the ivory paddy but if you really want a bag that will remain stylish for years then check out a LV.
  12. I do have to add that what ever is "in and out" of style does not have to determine how long you wear it.

    If you love the bag then you can wear it forever. The only thing that I would recommend is not buying an outlandish color.

    Good luck
  13. Just thought I'd add a pic. of my blanc paddy incase you are interrested:biggrin:
    DSC03446.JPG DSC03451.JPG
  14. i would definitely get the paddington (as i was deciding between the two last year, and just think the paddington is more fun for people our age - i'm 16). and i would say blanc; it's such a lovely color.
  15. wow...what a wonderful birthday gift. whisky paddy all the way. any particular reason on those colors of the spy and paddy you have to choose from?