what type of leather protecter should i be using for...

  1. my chestnut hudson? i went into coach this afternoon and was going to buy their leather protecter. the sa asked if my hudson was made with finished leather. i wasnt too sure, so i figured i'd check with my tpf ladies before i used any type of product on my bag...i dont want to ruin her! so, what do you ladies use? thanks :yahoo:
  2. ^ doesnt anyone want to help me? :sad:
  3. i would be happy to help you! i haven't had the need to use any kind of protector on most of my mj bags. i've found that the leather is pretty durable. i've even been caught in torrential downpours with no damage to the leather whatsoever.

    the hudson in particular should be alright. if you're worried, you can use the protector from apple polishes. you can find/order them from applepolishes.com and leatherstuff.com. i have their apple garde rain and stain repellent, and i've used it on my bbags and my mbmj bags. it works very well.
  4. thanks for your response :smile: bagaddict mentioned apple products to me as well. i will be checking out their products for sure. i was out with the boyfriend last night and he spilled some beer on my hudson (by mistake of course!) and i freaked.
  5. I use Apple Conditioner. It works to clean soft leather and conditions at the same time...:yes:
  6. ^ and i can just rub it into the leather using a cloth?
  7. That's what I do and it works great
  8. alright, great. thanks ladies :smile:
  9. Hi tuffcookie - Inquiring minds would like to know if the beer stained your hudson at all??
  10. NO THANK GOD. that would have been grounds for a break-up! :roflmfao:

    ...kidding of course! im not THAT shallow.