What type of leather is this? Please help!

  1. Is this leather actually togo like they stated? hello2703 informed me that it looks like the discontinued ardenne leather, so I contacted the seller & they replied:

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial] The owner of the bag has contacted her salesperson at the Ala Moana Hermes store where they purchase their Hermes products. She took the bag down to the store and they confirmed that the bag is either Clemence or Togo leather, but is not the discontinued Ardenne leather. The bag was purchased after this Ardenne leather was discontinued. The salesperson was confident that it was more likely Clemence.

    It doesn't look like clemence?? I'm very confused as to what this leather is. Anyone know? Thanks soo much!
  2. also is this color gold? Thanks!
  3. could this leather be vache ligee?