what type of jean cut makes legs look longer?


Jun 18, 2007
The jeans that make my legs look longest are Joe's Rocker in a super dark wash. They're a little long on me so I have to wear them with heels, but wow! They make my legs look miles long. Pretty much anything in slim bootcut or wideleg with a dark wash, worn with pointy heels, looks good. Skinnies and straight legs or anything really distressed on the thighs make my legs look SHORT!


Feb 21, 2007
Chicago IL
Straight or boot leg jeans long enough to cover the heel of your shoes. If you can wear a pointed toe shoe they will look even longer. HTH.


Feb 14, 2007
i recommend AG jeans in the KISS cut... in between a boot cut and a straight leg, and comes in some very dark washes that look very flattering.
basically, i would stick to really dark washes that don't have any whiskering around the thigh area, bc those washes tend to cut you in half. also, too much of a flared leg (imo) shortens the physique.
i agree about joe's rocker... also, the starlet has a nice, elongating leg. joe's does make a petite jean called the provocateur which comes in a very dark wash, and has a 30inch inseam.


Jul 31, 2006
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Like others have said, the dark wash is key, as is the length (they should almost touch the floor in the back). Avoid "stovepipe" or wide-leg jeans, and what you wear on top will help too (like if you wear a longer fitted top, wear with a belt cinched high).
Feb 21, 2006
Dark wash is a must. Something that has a crease or line on them like Paige Laurel Canyons would definitely make you look taller...I'd def recommend those Paiges! Hmm I'd say something not too skinny or wide leg is the best.


like two plums
Jan 10, 2007
All great advice! I'll add that the tailoring needs to be impeccable - as balihai said, the seam should skim the floor (esp in the back), but don't wear them so long that they ruche or bunch at the bottom - instant calf shortener.

Also, don't go too high waisted (long torso effect in the front; big long bum effect in the back - ugh!) and don't go too hipster (shortens the illusion of long legs). This is especially important if you have a long torso and short legs. I'd go for a 7.5" rise minimum to an 8" or 8.5" rise absolute maximum.

If you're simply petite/short but proportioned overall, you can just get a great pair of bootcuts in a dark wash - no need to worry about the rise too much!
Jun 26, 2007
According to Stacy and *******, you have to wear jeans that make every part of your leg look a uniform width. if you are a curvy gal, flared jeans aren't going to help because the hips and ankles will look wide in comparison with the the knees, which breaks the line of sight and makes legs look shorter and fatter. Skinny jeans don't always help because the calves and ankles are going to look way skinnier than your thighs, unless you have absolutely tiny thighs! You want jeans that go straight down from the hip to the floor, without overly accentuating your knees, calves or ankles. So it really depends on your body type...I'd say regular or boot cut seems to be most universally flattering.