What Type of Hermes Bag Are You?

  1. Since we've discussed our DH/DW/BF/GF/DF/DP/SO, how about classifying ourselves as a Hermes bag?:graucho:
  2. I am definitely my fuchsia rigid Kelly in chevre.

    Fuchsia - I'm really not that serious unless needed be and my friends and colleagues think I have a colorful personality. :wlae:

    Rigid - I can be very cold towards people sometimes ... like if I'm not in the mood or don't like other people. :supacool:

    Kelly - I prefer to think that I can also be classy ... at least in my dreams lol! :drinkup:

    chevre - I'm very durable and not so sensitive. :biguns:
  3. I think I'd be my Evelyne. I'm casual, a little sporty, traditional and easy going. :flowers:
  4. Well, maybe today's not the day for Shopmom to write in this thread 'cause I'd have to say that butt-ugly bag in Kristie's avatar....


    On the average Shopmom-type day I'd say I'm more like my Caramel Chevre de Coromandel Kelly. Stylish with a bit of an edge, colorful and thick-skinned. :supacool:
  5. blue roi ostrich kelly - sturdy and dependable...with a major fun twist!
  6. 28cm Kelly black box with gold hardware. A petite classic that can be dressed down or dressed up.
  7. I would have to say a 35cm Black Box Leather with Palladium. Maybe with gold -- that's tough. I think I like to think of myself as Palladium but I really am more Gold... I don't know...maybe 30, AH, sorry! Either a 30 or 35 Black Box Birkin with Gold or Palladium...
  8. Maybe you ladies can help me out with this one. I think I'm a shoulder Birkin because I'm tall but not exactly feminine ... I don't know what type of leather or color though.:wondering
  9. Oh, Kou, this is a no-brainer, you'll always be fuschia ostrich to us.............:flowers: :flowers:
  10. I'm a black box Kelly with palladium HW. Classic, simple, with a modern flair.

    But after a hard day with two little kids, I sometimes LOOK like the Himilaya!! :hysteric: :hysteric:
  11. :roflmfao: :upsidedown: :roflmfao::upsidedown: :roflmfao:
  12. I'm probably the Himalaya, too!!!!!:lol:

    BUT.....I'd like to believe I'm a 28cm beige-rose croc Kelly with y/g hardware.......Quite girly feminine, but with a tough skin, and on the compact side size-wise:smile: .
  13. Probably I am my fuschia ostrich. This is because I am bold, vibrant, fun, but I am fiery at times. I looked up info about the ostriches that provide us with our birkins and found that they have "irascible tempers."
  14. I am a Jelly bag....
    um..no...just kidding..:rolleyes:

    ok..I am a..hmm Orange Paris Bombay PM espom leather..with plastic still on the hardware(kidding!!!!!)..dainty..not super sexy...conservative yet bright and happy. ok..can I go throw up now..I am making myself sick describing how elegant myself is....:throwup:
  15. blue jean kelly with pall.hardware soupple, togo.
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