What type of handle do you prefer?

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What style of handle do you prefer?

  1. Handheld

  2. Shoulder

  3. Messenger

  4. Clutch

  5. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I love seeing the attitude of handheld bags on others but I'm too practical I guess, I prefer shoulder so that my bag is not in my way.
  2. I prefer a hands free bag, so the messenger is my top choice. It is so much easier to deal with when u have 2 kids.
  3. I usually favour hand held bags.
  4. Hand held.
  5. I agree, but some bags I think are meant to be handhelds, like Speedys or Almas.
  6. Im torn on this one. If im running about town, all casual and cool, i go for shoulder. But if im sashaying down the street, all dressed up to kill, a little something on my arm is the way to go.
    One of each will get you covered for every mood, i guess...
  7. i like both hand held and shoulder
  8. I prefer handhelds more. Sometimes I feel like I don't know what to do with my hands when I'm carrying a shoulder bag. I just NEED something to hold onto.
  9. When I'm carrying my Speedies, I feel more feminine and chic, but for practicality and "casualness", I like my shoulder bags.
  10. Ohh definitely Shoulder especially if your running around with two young toddlers.
  11. I like handheld and shoulder bags. That's why I put matching shoulder straps on my Speedies. :biggrin: Now I have both. :tup:
  12. I am the exact same way. I long for a handheld bag (the Alma would be my pick) but my practical side is holding me back. :s
  13. Although shoulder bags are more practical, I still love my Speedys!!
    Not to say I don't love my Mono Noe or BH. The double strap on the BH can be annoying slipping down even when one is tucked underneath the other. The Noe is big but very comfy and lightweight and I love the fact it has only one strap!
  14. Definitely a handheld for me!!
  15. handheld and shoulder but if I had to pick one, handheld