What type of handle do you prefer?

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What style of handle do you prefer?

  1. Handheld

  2. Shoulder

  3. Messenger

  4. Clutch

  5. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So which do you prefer? hand-held? shoulder? messenger? or clutch?

    I am a huge fan of hand held. I find they look so dainty on the wrist or elbow
  2. Shoulder. Handbags just begin to get heavy and give my arms weird indents.
  3. I voted for shoulder, but I prefer a bag that can be both shoulder and handheld (like my new Artsy MM!) I was at the grocery store with my speedy the other day and I had a basket in one hand and my speedy on the other arm and it was NOT easy trying to get avocados without knocking the whole pile down (I somehow managed though!)
  4. Messenger type gives me freedom to travel about w/o worries. I have LV handheld and shoulder but having to run after children and busy errands limits the use of them. I always have to be mindful when I set them down.
  5. I prefer shoulder bags but I also like clutches when I'm going out.
  6. Shoulder bags. My kids would be getting hit in the heads if I had all hand held bags :biggrin:
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    I think handhelds are cuter, but shoulder bags are definitely more practical.
    I use my Speedy on weekends and my Neverfull on my university campus
  8. i like both hand-held and shoulder.
  9. I think Satchels look more 'polished' and chic, but are not always the most practical. That's why I love the Trevi: it as the chic-ness of a satchel, but can become a shoulder bag when needed.
  10. I like both! Depends on my mood that day which I choose!
  11. shoulder or messenger :smile:
  12. I like the way hand hels look, but I agree they are not that practical. I vote for the shoulder bag. I love my BH.
  13. I'm a guy and I like hand-held bags of the briefcase sort, and luggage items, but as for everyday use, a messenger is so convenient and frees up your hands!
  14. I'm male and have to wear suits for college so I love the messenger as it fits books nicely etc :smile: x
  15. handheld and shoulder