What type of cosmetic cases does CHANEL have to offer?

  1. I would love to get one of their clutches, but was hoping not to have to spend more then 600.. so does anyone know of any cosmetic case that they have that would be able to fit a razr phone, nano, mj zip skinny, coach coin purse and a lip gloss basically? TIA:flowers:
  2. I have a fairly large, basic, black calf leather make-up case with zipper. From Chanel, of course. I bet it would hold most of what you're asking about, if not all. Mine holds a few regular size (MAC) make-up brushes, lipsticks, eye-palette, mini fragrances, etc. The make-up cases I've seen are quite roomy.
  3. ^^Do you have any picts? and where did you get it? LOL alright enough of 20 questions!
  4. Here's a pic of xochrissie's from the reference library. It looks like it could double as a clutch.

  5. Yup thats the one that whetted my appetite! But I heard that they are sold out?
  6. Mine is not very special compared to xochrissie's! That one is gorgeous! :heart:

    I purposely bought a plain, cheaper and functional make-up case, because it really never sees the light of day. It's always in the bottom of my purse. It's about 7 x 4 x 2".

    Even though I said it was cheaper, it still must have been about $500 here in Toronto. I can't remember exactly, because I try and block out the cost of my Chanel purchases.