What type of Coach Girl are You????

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What type of Coach girl are you?

  1. CrossbodyGirl~

  2. Clutch Girl~

  3. Satchel Girl~

  4. Shoulder Girl~

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey all!I thought this would be an interesting question.I will do it as a poll!In the last few months, I have learned some great tips and seen some great bags.Some, I would never dream of buying or carrying.Then I have seen some Awesome bags recently that have made me take a look at my likes and dis-likes! For an example, before I never really cared for satchel bags.Now thank's to some of you, especially Shalomnurse, I bought a Sophia.The funny thing is, I carry her as a satchel bag:smile:So I just wanted to ask you, what type of bag you are attracted to most and why?
  2. im for sure a satchel girl. i just love them. i feel weird carrying a bag over my shoulder lol.
  3. I voted both, satchel and shoulder girl! I know I have changed my ways when I carry bag in the crook of my arm,lol..I always disliked it and thought it would be a pain in the behind, but it really is not to bad:smile:It is even easier when I 'am bringing my dd to pre-school..I can hold her hand and her brothers and not worry about my bag sliding off my shoulder.
  4. i agree i really like to carry bags by hand as well.
  5. Hey Dawn! I love this poll :biggrin:

    I'm mostly a shoulder bag gal but ever since I got my Poppy Groovy last year, I quite like it when a shoulder bag I want can be used crossbody as well. So yeah, I'm shoulder + crossbody gal. Crossbody is just so functional when you want to be totally handsfree especially when shopping or travelling :tup:
  6. I WANT to like satchels, especially since there have been so many satchel styles released from all sorts of designers/brands recently, but I am still mostly a shoulder-bag kind of person. I cannot get over my misconception that hand-held bags are "Estelle Getty Bags", or a style for older women. First, that is simply NOT true, and second, I am probably closer to that age than I am to young :lol:, but I just feel like a little girl playing dress-up when I carry a satchel.
  7. Shoulder and Satchel. Lately more Satchel.
  8. Thank's Hunny~ With all of these new styles coming out, I just wanted to see if anyone is trying something new:smile:
  9. Satchels. They always looks so ladylike and chic. I feel like a frump carrying many shoulder bags. Lol
  10. I chose everything except Clutch -- I just don't go anywhere fancy for a clutch .. LOL! I am usually a shoulder or cross-body gal, but like you, with this PCE, I have branched out to Satchel with my Sophia :love:
  11. No option for tote? How discriminating! :P
  12. I'm sorry, I just figured that it would be considered shoulder type, oop's.:biggrin:
  13. I am primarily a shoulder girl although I love the look of satchels. Realistically and currently, I am a cross-body girl because it is much more practical for me as I am rarely out and about without my 5 year old and 5 month old DDs. When they are older and I no longer need to carry a separate diaper bag, I'll likely go back to shoulder bags for everyday use and satchels for work days.
  14. This is me exactly too!!
  15. When I carry a satchel, I feel like my mother. Therefore, I am mostly a shoulder bag lady. But guess what? I also enjoy the option of feeling like my mother thanks to Sydney, Alexandra and Sophia!:biggrin: