What type of clothes/colors can I wear with my mini?

  1. She's a gorgeous red..but I'm afraid I'll clash with her!!
    What do you ladies think? She is a Rouge H.
  2. Black, white, khaki, jeans, grey, any neutral would work IMO.
  3. From what I've been seeing Rouge H is a great neutral - great with tans, black, blues, greens almost anything except bright red & maybe pink.
  4. uh oh..time to go shopping :huh: I am in dire need of some neutral colors!!
  5. R u planning for your outfit to the LV event?:smile:

    For the LV event, u can put on a dress, look out for dresses with prints, those kind of summery dresses, since now is spring/summer. U can find a lot at Max Mara, Etro & Moschino.:idea: Bring along your Rouge H kelly when u go shopping so u can judge yourself if the dress goes along with rouge H.

    OR u can put on pants. Any top will do. Rouge H is a neutral. Avoid orange, red, bright pink, purple. Wear bright yellow & bright green sparingly. Be bold by choosing bright color pants. But, the top must be a neutral or pale color. Many women r scared wearing bright color pants. Black/white/grey, many think the safest in order 2 avoid being a fashion disaster.:idea:

    Jewelry: One piece that is bold & make a statement will do. a masculine watch will draw attention from a lot of men.;) which men don't love watches?:graucho:

    Shoes: Wedges or High Heels. No flats pls if you're attending a high-class event like LV.

    Hair: Ponytail or a bun. Why? Neater & if you have nice cheekbones + flawless skin, they will be highlighted.:yes:

  6. wow, dior!! You sound like you know your fashion!! Thank you for your lovely tips! I will make sure to use them when I take my kelly out :smile:
    Too bad so many of my shirts are redish, pinkish and blue..I need to find more muted colors!

  7. Completely agree!
  8. I think rouge H is a great neutral and wear it with a pink shirt all the time as well as lavender and purple. As long as the rest of you is subued you will look fine. I do it that way, and I don't think I look like the circus has come to town:smile: Browns and red look great also.
  9. Thanks Gracekelly, do you have any pictures of you with your rouge H? It's such a nice dark red and I love it to death! Do you have any pocket squares or twillys that you wear with your Rogue?

    Thank you ladies for all your great advice!!
  10. Sorry no pics of me as of yet. I have the tohu bohu twilly with black ground and another with vert anis ground. I also have the Brides de Gala twilly with black ground with reds and gold. As you know, tohu has many colors. They all look wonderful with the rouge as well as other colors. I have some pochettes as well, simple designs that have some red in them. You don't have to overthink this. Just try what you have and see how you like it. Take the bag to the boutique and play with the pochettes and twilly on your bag. The main reason to get this color is that it is so versatile and goes with everything, Relax and enjoy it!