What type of chanel shopper are you?

  1. Do you buy your chanel only when you are 100% sure of your choice? Or do you like to buy it first and make a decision at home with the option of refunding it later?

    Personally, I feel really bad when I ask for a refund. So I usually take a look at the item in the boutique, leave, take a walk and decide, then go back to the store for the purchase if I like it.
  2. I usually have my mind set on what I want.
  3. most of the time have my mind set....very occasionally i do "try it on" at home for a couple of days..........i hate to return too!
  4. I usually go in knowing what bag I want (though on occasion I've seen a bag I had to have and bought it right there). I can't say the same about accessories though haha, sometimes it's literally like I see, I like, I buy! :smile:

  5. I messed up!! It was supposed to be a poll.

    Anyway, the options are as follows.

    1) Buy, decide at home. Refund if you don't like it.
    2) Love at first sight. You buy impulsively.
    3) Decide before going to the store.
    4) See something you like at store. Leave to mke a clear decision and go back if you really love it.
  6. Either number 2 or sometimes I see someone else with it and then I want it!
  7. I usually have my mind made up or I walk around and decide for a while, I'd feel bad returning it but sometimes when you take it home it just doesn't look the same....

    And I'm all 4! HAHA
  8. Me too. I hate to return things, so I try to have my mind made up when I get to the store or when I finally try the bag in the store.
  9. I have done all of the above. It is ok to return or exchange as long as it has not been worn or used and the tags are still on. I sometimes like to view and try-on with my wardrobe in the privacy of my home.:yes:
  10. either 2, 3, or 4!hehehe...
    sometimes i just knew at the store!
    the other time, i fell in love w/ my baby cabas and looked for it all over the world.
    and i also liked to see, take a waly for a while...think..then go back!or go home.lol!
  11. I usually know what I want.....but sometimes I go there just to see what they have and I'll buy on impulse.
  12. I only go in Chanel boutiques or places that sell Chanel, that are widely known for selling it....I won't go in a little place where I'm not sure if they sell authentic Chanel or not or I'd be so worked as to whether it was fake or not.
  13. I know what I want 99% of the time. The only exception has been the denim coco cabas. I got it in the mail and just didn't really like it, so I sent it back.
  14. I never ask for a refund if it's not due to a failure in the item e.g. like loose threads.
    Here in Germany getting a refund is really difficult and just possible if you received it as a gift which you don't like or if it has a failure.
    Getting a refund just because you have a change of heart is not possible here and to me that's ok because it forces me to think about what I want before I buy.
  15. I have to be sure of what I want...no option of refund in our boutique here.