What type of brush to apply bronzer?

  1. What type of applicator brush should one use when applying bronzer? Pic por favor?
  2. I have a couple this one & one that looks just like this one:

  3. I use the second one in from the right for bronzer. It's just a normal soft sable blush brush. I have a different one like kbell posted that I use just for blush.

  4. ^^ I use the NARS one too! Mine has the cap at the top though
  5. Don't forget to do the fishy face when applying bronzer, haha. :smile:
  6. I just use a big fluffy one from Estee Lauder. I also use the same one for loose face powder- I guess that is a no-no? Should you use separate brushes?
  7. elizat, I use the same one for loose face powder too. I like using a big fluffy brush because it doesn't pick up too much of the bronzer so you don't have to worry about looking too orange. :yes:
  8. I usually use a kabuki brush for bronzer.
  9. i agree with the kabuki brush