What type of bbag is best for me?

  1. Hi All

    I need your help. I know there are tons of bbag styles (work, part time, city, first, etc etc) though I'm not sure what the difference is. What I need is a bbag that is roomy (the first is too small for me) but not TOO big (i.e. not the ones with the 3 spikes that come out from the base of the handle). I need it to basically fit my neccessities (wallet, some make up, sunglasses case, palm pilot, cell phone, keys, map, ipod) and I also need it to be big enough to carry all that plus a home made lunch and 8.5"x11" paper (not folded). Any suggestions?
  2. A city or a work style would probably be the best...
  3. city
  4. i second the city or work suggestion! since you need to carry around that paper and lunch though i'd lean more towards the work size :tup:
  5. so what exactly is the difference between work and city?
  6. City or Work, I would say...
  7. also waht about part time?
  8. i like the part time.
  9. I was going to say City, before you threw in the lunch and unfolded paper... the Work would probably be best, although the Day could be good too.
  10. thanks all

    i like the work but i dont like how there's no shoulder strap. i have never heard of the day?
  11. I love how the City gives you the versatility of carrying on the arm or over the shoulder. It's really helpful when you are fishing for your keys while carrying your baby. It's worth looking into.

    Good luck!
  12. i'm thinking the city too
  13. agree, sounds like the City works for you.