What type of bag/wallet do you use when you're doing more &qu...


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Aug 13, 2011
What do you use when you're doing outdoor-type or "action" type activities?

I.e. What SLG do you use (and if you do Lv versus non Lv) when you go snow boarding or camping?

What bag do you prefer to use when you're packing things up for an excursion?

This can apply for anything, camping, surfing, going to the gym, skiing, rock climbing etc.
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Mar 2, 2013
Hi there! I,'m super glad you didn't actually lose your debit card. That would've been a pain!

When I go boarding or do other crazy sport activity, I use a clés and limit myself to only a debit card, my ID and some cash. I can hook the keychain part somewhere to a zipper or a link in the inner part of my gear (jacket or pants) and tuck the actual clés into a pocket.

Sometimes I'll use an Epi card holder and even bought a men's pocket organizer to use occasionally bc it's super thin for most of the activities that you mentioned :smile:

Curious to find out what your solution might be!
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May 23, 2012
I can't say that I'd ever go camping or any other outdoor activity, but my go to bag for anything active with my daughter is my lepliage. A friend actually gifted me with a cute black owl backpack that I plan to use for these occasions.


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Oct 18, 2013
I use my lesportsac tokidoki backpack for stuff like camping and snowboarding. Beach, amusement park, zoo, etc...i carry my long champ le pilage. Only LV i carry for occasion like these are my cles to hook my keys and my ID/CC.


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Jul 29, 2008
I'm not really an action type of person. I mean I do go to car shows, festivals, fairs and horse events. I pretty much just use my LV backpack for those.

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May 4, 2014
I usually have my bag with me, but leave it in the car or hotel room when doing an outdoor activity. My husband and I enjoy mountain biking and this past summer we went whitewater rafting and I had my mono or de Cles with me to hold a debit card, a little cash and had my car key fob attached. It's the perfect piece as it fits in a zippered pocket or bike pouch easily. For outdoor festivals or concerts, I like a canvas pochette with a long strap attached for cross body wear. It's small, lightweight, and holds what I need for those types of outings.
Nov 27, 2014
When I'm going on an adventure, I'm still old school and carry a backpack. To be specific, a North Face women's Recon backpack. I love north face products for traveling. The straps are comfy and the organizational pockets in the front section are great for the little OCD rat in me.

And because I'm an LV addict, I also throw in one of my canvas mini pochettes with my Chanel card case, lip balm, headphones, keys, and mints, as a little take with me mini bag for travels. It's compact and weather resistant. I've also bought a chain from kcraft to make it a crossbody option so I have my backpack and a mini bag just in case I need to look "proper" lol.


Jan 26, 2016
My cles/key pouch seems to be best at "action" type things.

When I go skiing, I use my cles and have three cards and keys inside. Basically everything I need, and I keep it in a sleeve pocket with a zipper. That way, there's no way it could fall out. With hiking and kayaking, it's the same but I throw it in a dry box or dry bag. When I cycle, same thing. I also use my cles when I go flying (not sure if that's considered action) as it can fit nicely in my flight bag without taking much room.

The short answer is my cles. I just love how flat my cles is (even with a car key inside). Plus if I got it wet for some reason, I'm not out that much money! lol