What type of bag do you recommend to take for a July trip to Las Vegas?

  1. Hi everyone
    My husband and I have just booked a week long trip to Las Vegas in July, we will be staying at the Bellagio, can't wait. Being the bagessed person I am, I have already started thinking about what bag to take on the trip. Do you think I should get a straw tote or a real summery type of bag, or will my leather bags be fine?
  2. It really depends on what clothes you are planning to wear and what handbags you currently have... I would suggest a nice leather bag, 'cause you can bring it out during the day for sightseeing and then at night for a nice dinner. :yes:
  3. Straw tote for the pool only! Otherwise leather or designer bag... Think LA, but hotter...
  4. We will be there in August. I'm taking my Balenciaga City (with the shoulder strap attached), my Gucci horsebit clutch (for evening) and maybe my Chanel bowling bag or Vuitton Tompkins. I always take my Juicy Couture HUGE pool tote (with matching towel!) for sitting around the pool at Caesars. I can NEVER just take one bag with me on vacation. I'm ridiculous.
  5. Anything goes here in Vegas! Bring them all! When I'm on the strip I see Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Fendi, Dior, Coach, Gucci, etc. basically every designer in every shape, style, color, size etc. You can never go wrong here!

    Just a word of caution-bring a lot of sunscreen cause temps top out in the 100's a lot of days in July. In fact, its supposed to be in the 100's this week.
  6. You can bring any bag there. I wish I had brought more fabulous bags on my last trip there. Most of the women did. It's Vegas after all.
  7. i agree with socal straw tote for pool only... i bring 3-4 bags when i travel damier chelsea for the plane, 3 smaller ones gucci med size bag, LV pap 26 and Lv pochette accessories for when i dont want to carry much :flowers:
  8. I'm planning on going there at the end of July for two weeks. I always bring whatever goes good with my outfits. Sorry but, I'm not a straw bag kind of girl so, leather all the way for me....maybe not black leather though!
  9. Be sure and bring a small one (messenger or cross-body perhaps) so you can stroll hands-free!
  10. Ditto the sentiments for a shoulder bag. Not only will you want to stroll and game hands free, but you can keep it close to your body. Vegas has an incredible variety of people visiting, and unfortunately that can include a few pick-pockets.

    I always take my western tooled leather bags and luggage when we go. Somehow seems to suit the mood.

    Also have to add you will love the Bellagio. That is one beautiful hotel and the central location is perfect. We stayed there last time, and will stay there again next time we go. Can recommend Steve Wynn's for dinner though - great food!
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  13. haha, I would say bring none and buy new ones there! I loveee shopping in Vegas! I would bring a variety of different bags though, to go with each outfit, and, to dress up outfits (ie: going to dinner, seeing a play, etc) have fun! :smile:
  14. I'd bring maybe 2 bags and buy more (I love shopping in Vegas). I'd also bring tons of bikinis for sittin around the pool at the Hard Rock hotel. They have the best pool party on Sunday!!!
  15. If I were you, I would bring a small bag just for the essentials! I mean when you walk around, you dont want a big bag thats hard to carry. Im planning to get a Coach Swing pack for summer since I will be heading to Vegas alot! I suggest just a nice small shoulder bag or small messagner. I wouldnt suggest a big huge tote, or a handheld bag.

    OH and I just came back from there this weekend, everyone had small bags with em!