What tweezer do you use?

  1. What kind of tweezers do you use?
    Are they slanted or pointed or straight tipped?
    I used Revlon in the past, not so good..
    Lacross slant tip is good and affordable...
    Now I splurged for Tweezerman (only 17 bucks) slanted and they are really good!!
    Any other brands I should check out?
  2. I have the tweezerman slanted as well and love them.
  3. I just got a great slanted tweezer with a light in them. They fit into a little holder with a mirror. Great job altogether, called LA-TWEEZ SHINING TWEEZER
  4. tweezerman pointed tips
  5. Tweezerman pointed. Work great for me!
  6. Tweezerman needlepoint. The best!
  7. I have the Tweezerman slant and point. I love it! You can buy it together as a set a Sephora (that's where I bought mine).

    Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Set
  8. I use slanted Tweezerman's. Love them! They get the tiny hairs. :yes:
  9. Tweezerman slanted.
  10. lacross slanted. My grandma uses the pointy kind, I don't know how she does it.
  11. I have always used Revlon slanted tip. Just love it!!
  12. Another vote for the Tweezerman pointed !
  13. I also use Tweezermans slanted - and yes, they are perfect. I heard this is the best around....:yes:
  14. We tried all sorts of brands in the salon-Tweezerman really is the best. I personally use the slanted tip.
  15. I have had my red Tweezerman slanted tip tweezers now for 14 years! They last and last.