What TV show has best music?

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  1. I apologize if this is already in a thread, but I searched and didn't find one. I was curious what TV show you guys think has the best music. I have discovered so many good artists through the OC and Without a Trace. The OC seems to have a lot of up and coming artists and Without a Trace has old favorites I can listen to again. What do you guys think? I am always looking for new songs for my IPOD.
  2. I love all the songs on One Tree Hill...
  3. def. The OC
  4. For me, it's The OC, hands down!

    Also, I have the Grey's Anatomy soundtracks and I'm listening to them a lot lately, so I think Grey's would come in 2nd place :p
  5. Grey's is pretty darn good. I think the music coordinator person does both Grey's and OC so maybe that's why you like them nextnewface.

    It's awesome how they feature up and coming artists.
  6. Does it have to be shows that are still on the air? Because Queer as Folk had some great music.
    (I have cds from all of the seasons, plus the Club Babylon mix, plus the cds from the British version.)

    That '70s Show had some great music, too.
    (I don't have the soundtracks to this, but I have ABBA's greatest hits and I love singing along to the little snippets of '70s music they play througout the reruns.)
  7. Ohhhh that must be it! It probably helps that those are 2 of my favourite shows :p
  8. Family Guy.

    Music plays a big part in the show. Not only does the show have some great original songs (the barbarshop quartet explaining what a vasectomy is) but they pay a LOT of money to sample other songs, and have their own orchestra learn the music for it (Peter playing on the Patriots, getting a touchdown and singing Shipoopi from The Music Man).

    One episode had Frank Sinatra, Jr. do a guest spot. Various parts of Frank Jr., Brian and Stewie singing.

    Brian and Stewie often sing songs together. They did musical numbers in both Rhode to Rhode Island and Rhode to Europe. (And in Road to Rupert, there was a clip of Stewie singing and then later 'tap dancing' with Gene Kelly.)

    The Simpsons used to do that. They had a lot of great original songs. (If you're not careful, you'd find yourself absentmindedly humming them). But not so much anymore. Now Family Guy (and American Dad! more and more) are the more 'musical' shows.
  9. Scrubs. By far.
  10. I know it's over now, but for me, Sex and the City wins hands down.
  11. greys anatomy..hands down
  12. I haven't really noticed the music so far. I just started watching the reruns on Lifetime and am already addicted. I will have to start paying more attention.
  13. Not on anymore, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets my vote... hands down!
  14. I love the jackass theme, I really want it as my ringtone but can't find it anywhere!
  15. I really like the music selection from Cold Case. Sometimes the last song actually gets me :crybaby: I discovered Snow Patrol from this show.