What TV series should I be watching?

  1. I'm casually watching telly here (Desperate Housewives which is very old so I'm not paying much attention but my friend happened to miss it and watching) but it got me thinking what TV series should I be watching on my cable sbscription when I get back home? I'm a dumbo when it comes to this, so you will be doing great charity enlightening me!

    So far I've watched Nip/Tuck, The O.C. (yes I'm juvenile), Desperate Housewives, Lost. That's it, I only know these, LOL.
  2. Do they show "Project Runway" there? A must-watch for sure. How about an American detective series, Bee Bee? Loved "Homicide: Life on the Street".
  3. these are some of my faves :
    1. the oc
    2. desperate housewives
    3. friends
    4. scrubs
    5. ER
    6. CSI
    7. twin peaks
    8. six feet under
    9. carnivale
    10. alias
    11. 24
    12. lost
  4. I don't miss DH or Grey's Anatomy.

    There's a new one replacing Grey's timeslot this season, it looks good. It has Sally Field, Tom Skerrit and Calista Flockhart, I'm looking forward to this.
  5. speaking of calista flockart, i LOVE ally mcbeal :P
  6. I SO miss Ally McBeal!
  7. yeah.. i love them so much... who was that guy that died of cancer? totally loved him. the scene when he died on ally's side was so touchy, when he said he always loved her :crybaby:
    and i love ling too, she's such a great ***** :P remember when the series that haley joel osmond want to sued God because he got sick, and when ally doesn't want to defend him, ling snapped ally and said that the trial will bring hopes to that little boy :crybaby: so sweet ...
  8. My favorite show with a doubt is Veronica Mars. It is THE most entertaining show on television.It has everything: romance mystery drama and even some comedy. It is best to watch from the beginning of a season or you might get a little confused. Season 1 on DVD is out right now Season 2 on DVD coms out Aug. 22nd and Season 3 begins Oct. 3rd on the new CW network. Everyone should watch this show!!!
  9. I like Grey's Anatomy and 24
  10. Prison Break and House!
  11. Everyone seems to say Grey's Anatomy so once I get back to London I may have to check it out. I completely forgot about 24, I shut myself in one weekend and watched the whole Season 4 box set in one go, LOL!

    American series are so much better than the English ones! We have things like Pride and Prejudice, Bleak House, Dr. Zhivago, Anna Karenina all boring stuff!
  12. you must watch CSI!!! not the NY or Miami version, but the original Vegas one. there have been 6 seasons so far; the 7th one is starting in September:yahoo:
  13. i never have time to watch tv, but i buy the seasons of the OC as soon as they come out on dvd. however, it looks like the next season will be nasty.. boo!:crybaby:
  14. Grey's Anatomy, Rescue Me, The Closer, Prison Break. For comedies, How I Met Your Mother and The Office (I like both UK and US versions).
  15. i watched all the series in DVD, i hate to watch weekly on tv. i can't wait...