What TV Series Do You Want The Network to Bring Back?

  1. I would love it if they can bring back "Firefly"... It's a great series that has a lot of potential but died too early... at least they made a movie "Serenity" to give the fans a closure... :rolleyes:

    I also would love to have "Alias" back... I just adore Jennifer Garner... :nuts:
  2. Part of me wants to say "Titus." It was on Fox. It was such a funny, brilliant show, but the network and some viewers thought it was dark.

    The series was based on comedian Christoper Titus's life. He grew up with an alcoholic, womanizing father and a paranoid, schizophrenic mother. Amazingly, Christopher managed to find humor in the darkest situations.

    Although, I have all three seasons on DVD, and the way they decided to end it was such a perfect end to the series.

    (But it still would've been nice to have more episodes.)
  3. Melrose Place!! :happydance: :choochoo:

    One of the best dramas ever :nuts:
  4. Relativity. I loved that show!

  5. :wlae: Me too !!
  6. Thirtysomething.
  7. [​IMG]

    Me too!

    Also, Felicity and My So Called Life. I want them back! :sad:
  8. My So Called Life..definitely :yes:

    And the short reality tv show....Rich Girls...god I loved it...:shame:
  9. 1. carnivale
    2. siz feet under
    3. twin peaks
    4. friends
    5. sex and the city
  10. OK, mine is a LONG list of shows that I grieve for...thank goodness for DVD boxed sets!

    1. Thirtysomething
    2. Once and Again
    3. Firefly
    4. Arrested Development
    5. West Wing ( in its earlier Aaron Sorkin form!)
    6. Sports Night
    7. Northern Exposure
    8 Chicago Hope

    I'm sure there are more, I'll be back when I think of them!
  11. A VERY short lived, (fall 2005, I think): The Book of Daniel. It was way controversial. I think they managed to eke out 5 episodes before sponsers started pulling out.
  12. Oh yeah!!! i :heart::heart::heart::heart: that show too! i used to watch it religiously... how hot was jared leto?! :nuts: i probably watched the episode where jared and claire got together like 4672626778927 times... :love:
  13. Sex and the City -hands down
    and RelativityI liked that silly show.short lived with Jennifer Esposito
  14. OC for sure. I'm soooo sad its last show is tomorrow.
  15. Six Feet Under!!