What turns you off of a handbag from the get go?


Feb 5, 2006
Over the years I've found that I don't care for...

Suede handles because they show wear quickly and badly.

Light-colored materials because they get dirty in a heartbeat.

Basic and cheap materials (like a simple striped canvas) mixed with leather for a lot of $$$.

Super trendy.

Flaps because it's just something I have to move out of the way.

Worthless pockets on the outside.

No pockets of any type on the inside--especially with slouchy hobos.



Feb 5, 2006
LOL! There was an Isaac Mizrahi bag I liked at Target, but I saw it in the store, it was so beyond cheap looking, and it wasn't stitched well at the bottom. Then about 1 1/2 years ago, Lucky mentioned a handbag that would be available at Wal Mart, and while it was actually quite nice and super cheap at all of $16, the stitching was something you could tell wouldn't last.

ranskimmie said:
Well for me I guess it would be any bag from ya know..... Target, WalMart etc.:smile:
Feb 26, 2006
I used to hate contrast stitching too until I got my Donna Karan Bryant bag. It doesn't have white stitching (which reminds me of the cheap plastic bags you see at Wal-Mart); it has tan stitching which is actually very understated and pretty.
Other things I don't like on bags:

Wacky prints in loud colors

Faux leather, faux suede, faux fur, faux anything

Tons of studs, grommets, paillettes, or rhinestones

Bags that don't have at least one inside zipped pocket (this is the only thing that keeps me from buying certain LV bags)

Bags that are lined in thin material that will tear easily


wants more bags
Oct 3, 2005
Too much cheesy bling! The Macy's in Fashion Show Mall here in Vegas used to have such a good handbag department. And they still do carry some nice stuff from Marc by Marc, DKNY, and other respectable labels, but lately every time I go in there I'm practically blinded by the "bling" section. All this stuff from Baby Phat and the like...eww. It seriously makes me swerve away and go to another department.


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
- all-over rivets/jewels/spangly crap
- no inside pockets
- super-dark lining (come on, i can't find anything in there without a miner's hat and a search party!)
- stiff leather
- super dark brown leather
- most printed bags
- suede (i dunno why, i just prefer leather)


Jan 29, 2006
I now avoid suede bags because they're a b*tch to take care of. I spent a couple thousand dollars on a suede Chanel I never even use. I ought to really Ebay that thing.

I agree with Amanda about "rivets/jewels/spangly crap."

PONY-HAIR or ostrich.... *shudder* Gives me the creeps. This is just my own weird neurosis, there's no logic to it, I know some of you ladies have fabulous ostrich bags.


wishing and hoping
Nov 2, 2005
Funny how similar we are!
* size of the bag (too small or too large)
* white bags (doesn't matter how expensive, white leather always looks cheap to me :Push:smile:
* patent leather
* plastic coated canvas (ie LV monogram :shame: )
* bags that can't be secured closed
* bags that are too casual
* "multimedia" bags (has rhinestones AND grommets AND is brightly colored AND has fringes :amazed: )
* faux leopard skin...