What TREESJE bags are you anxiously waiting for? (Borrowed from RM!)

  1. I just got mine today. Marseille in black shine and Huntley in black- I love them! The leather quality is great. Here are a couple of quick phone shots for now. I'll try to post some better pics up in a couple of days
    photo-2.jpg photo-3.jpg
  2. My two new babies are here!!! Grey Shine Magnolia and Chartreuse Sophia, I love them both!!! So here is my updated family! (when unstuffed Sophia barely stands up on her own, a complete puddle of amazing leather!) I really need to take some outdoor shots of this chartreuse leather, it's gorgeous!
    treesjefamily.jpg Magnolia.jpg sophia1.jpg sophia3.jpg
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    My first order of bags is here!! *Off to take pics...*
  4. ^^Yay! :woohoo:
  5. Hi girls! I'm happy to say I just ordered my very first Treesje! It's the large purple magnolia from AsterAlice. I'm so happy I was able to take advantage of the 50% flash sale they still have going on! I really wasn't planning on making another bag purchase right now, but I just had to. Thanks to all of your lovely pics!
  6. ^ Congrats, be sure to post pics when she arrives.
  7. Hi ladies! I'm happy to report my purple magnolia finally came to me this morning!!! I had a hard time making up my mind about color, I think the bordeaux and charcoal are lovely too. I'm very pleased with this neutral color and love how this feminine bag feels on my arm and in hand. I know leathers vary and so do shades of purple, but mine seems to be a darker variation as it has more blue undertones. Also so happy to have gotten my bag on sale from Aster Alice, BTW the sale is still going on for anyone who's intersted. I think I'll wear this beauty for my upcoming 5th wedding anniversary in September. I can't wait to style my outfit, shoes and jewlry around this pretty purse! Thanks to all for feedback and your lovely pics! Sorry, can't share pics at this time, but I will as soon as I can.
  8. Major Congrats!! She is a beauty. :smile:
  9. Thanks! I can tell already that this bag will wear well and become more beautiful with age. So happy to have my magnolia!
  10. I wish that i was waiting for a treesje mini magnolia in charcoal. I just cant pay 545 on AA tho: ( i hope they do another 50% off deal soon. i cant believe i didnt plunge when they had that deal for 316. dangflabbit!
  11. I just ordered my first - a ditto crossbody in cobalt. I don't usually like bags with black lining inside but since this is a small bag and I love the outside look of it, I figured wth! :cool:
  12. Waiting for my third Asher, 2nd from the Haute Look collection - Black Embossed Alligator to arrive. I am so loving the Black/White Feather lining. This will be my 7th Treesje. 2 Revealed (adore them) 2 Magnolias (come on, braided handls AND Ruffles?) and third Asher. All I need now, other than the ever present top of my want list More Magnolias, is for them to dig out the pattern for new Avalons. I so want one, but the purple on eBay and Bonanza is always patent, and the blue always look like they have been beater bags. I guess the Avalon is such a great bag, once you get one you can't put it down for a long, long time. :happydance:

    I just got the "this thread is old" but I'm posting anyway. Let's all try to buy another Treesje before the New Years. Let's jump kick some action into this thread. What I don't understand is, why don't the peope at Treesje want to make a butt load of cash and give the pursefans what they want? More Magnolias for sure. And Ashers. I've never met an Asher I didn't love.

    Happy Treesje-ing.
  13. My 'like new' black alligator Asher came today. The only difference between it and a 'new' one is the tags have been taken off. It is still pristine/new/spotless. I love this bag. It has the black/whie feather lining. So now, with the Cobalt(?) Blue, and the Black Embossed Alligator, I guess I got both the new Ashers that I missed on Gilt.

    I got my Blue (new except for a quick trip to church. lol) for 170, and the Black for 119. the seller of the black also has the blue listed. Grab it while you can. I'll post this in the steals and deals thread.

    I'm in Asher Heaven.
  14. Is the cobalt blue a bright blue? I have a cobalt linea pelle dylan and an electric blue rebecca minkoff mam, so, I'm wondering how similar it is.

    Also, how is the leather quality?
  15. Look up a little. The blue Asher above me is the bag. It wasn't gilt, it was Hautelook. I bought mine from a diffrent seller when Michelle's were offline but you will love this bag. It takes on different hues, from dusty blue, to almost a tint of teal. The pictures above are just like the color in real life. And, while the seller has it up for that price, you should def try it. The leather is great, The handles are a nice thick braid, the smell of the leather is wonderful, and it's an all round great bag.