What tops do you pair with your designer jeans?

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  1. I love my designer jeans...TR, 7FAM, Paige, etc...
    but it seems that I never have the right tops for them...maybe it`s because I seem to blow my entire budget on jeans and then up having nothing left to spend on some cute tops.

    I recently bought a couple of Ella Moss and Free People tops but I`m looking for more for Spring and Summer.

    What tops do you pair with them and what accessories do you add...and where do you buy them...
  2. I usually add a babydoll top to my skinny jeans (ex: Free people, abercrombie, hollister)
    and for flare jeans I wear a v neck shirt in any color.
  3. I wear my designer jeans with whatever. They're jeans, after all.
  4. Anything and everything. It depends what the style of jean it is, not necessarily the designer. But I dress them up or down, with cheap or pricier, or t's or sweaters. Everything works with jeans.
  5. Exactly.
  6. ^^Agree!
  7. Anything...usually something pretty cheap from Zara or some place like that.
  8. Everything! Dress up or down, but I only have dark jeans so that's easy! Oh, and try to find a Nordstrom Rack store, they often have designer jeans for much much jeaper! I've bought hudsons and william rast for $80!
  9. They're jeans. I just wear "normal" tops like with any other pair of jeans.
  10. Junk Food T-Shirts, See by Chloé Blouses and Sweaters, Cashmere Sweaters and cardigans, Ella Moss, Gold Hawk Silk Tops, Velvet Tops, T-bags Tops, Vanessa Bruno and for the summer I love Tunics like Leaves of Grass or antik Batik (www.netaporter.com has a great range of beautiful tops)

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  11. I like to mix designers outfits with fleya market finds and my mummy old outfits :smile:
  12. I wear dressy tops, casual tops, tank tops... anything really! I like to get a lot of my tops from H&M just because they are on the less expensive end but are good quality and all the clothes there are always in style!
  13. Anything!
  14. any kind of top actually. Depends on where I'm going or the weather. Dress up or down:smile:, that's what so great about jeans.
  15. Jeans go with everything!