What took me so long? First Vernis

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  1. Thanks to an incredible PF'er (you know who you are ;) ) I am now the proud owner of a red vernis Lexington. In fact this is my first vernis piece! :wtf: It's so lovely I don't know why I waited so long to purchase anything from this line!?! Pictures don't do it justice. It's in insane condition-perfectly beautiful! I don't know what the new shade of red will be but this shade goes with so much. Here it is with brown!

    I would love to have a vernis in a teal shade. Wonder if that would ever happen!?!

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  2. congrats!!!
  3. Love it! Congrats and it looks great on you!
  4. congrats!!!!:heart:

    you look FAB!!!!
  5. Congrats, it looks gorgeous!!
  6. Congrats. I don't have a vernis bag either, but lately I've been thinking of getting one. It's very pretty!
  7. Very pretty- Congrats to you
  8. awesome...I have a red vernis cles and it is gorgeous...me want more vernis now...congrats
  9. Congrats! Very pretty...
  10. congrats! very nice! I still don't have any vernis :sad:
  11. Congrats! Looks great!
  12. Congrats!!! A beautiful piece of LV, the red is TDF.
  13. congrats!
  14. congrats! can you tell me more about the color? is it really shiny and glittery up close?
  15. It's beautiful! Congrats!