What Tokidoki Print & Style Do You Use For Office?

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone uses Tokidoki bags as part of their office attire?? What print and style do you use?? Thanks.
  2. I don't work in an office...but if I did, I'd stand out and use whatever the hell I felt like? Unless there was a dress code or somthing..then I guess the most simple print is the adios star print eh?
  3. i would feel most comfortable in olive or black camo because it's not too loud and obvious. definitely not paradiso, inferno, foresta, amore... or anything that screams sanrio. jmo

    oh yeah and i used an olive ciao ciao for a while... it was a good commuter bag (i take the train to work) and I love buon viaggio too.
  4. I use my black (does original print still count as notte?) bambino or bambinone when I take a Toki to work - I use the luna for the gym afterwards. Fridays are more casual and may be the days I will break out a fun print :smile:
  5. you'd prolly wanna rock a solid color like notte (black) or fumo(gray) in any style for work :smile:

    but if ya wanna be loud & proud... hehe adios star seems like a cool print that's not too busy
  6. Or, if your work isn't super office dressy, go for a print. I take my foresta gioco to work all the time (but I work in a hospital/long-term care facility, so I don't think they really mind so much since I'm not going to be carrying it around).
  7. I work in a financial institution back-office outsourcing place (does that even make sense???)
    It's casual everyday :yahoo: so I use ALL my Toki bags to work - but I just made sure to match my outfit color with the bag :jammin:
  8. I use any and all my tokis when I actually have to go into the office. My laptop bag is a Pirate Cucciolo, so usually the style handbag I carry along with it is one of the smaller ones as I can put so much in the cucciolo. Last week I carried the cucciolo and my Paradiso Bella.

    Why wouldn't you use tokis in the office? Guess I simply can't see in what situation they might be considered "inappropriate".

    I've worked at some places that had pretty "strict" dress codes, but handbags were never covered. And in the past I've ALWAYS used my bag to convey my personality (my little way of rebelling) even when it was mandated that I had to wear a "dark suit, no open toed shoes, skirt length no higher or lower than x" etc. I may be wearing a boring black suit and shoes, but my handbag was red leather!
  9. I use all of mine! I work in a Registrar's Office at a College, and I think I've worn pretty much every bag I own here - It just depends on what mood I'm in. I carried my Foresta Gioco for about 3 months, I use my ciao ciao on Casual Fridays cuz its a messenger, I wore my Adios Star Zucca last week because I had just gotten in, before that I was using the Inferno Dolce for a month because it was still Wintery, and now today that its BEAUTIFUL and (supposed to be) 83 degrees out, I have my Paradiso Dolce! People must think I'm :nuts: with all these crazy bags. Oh, not to mention from Sept - Dec when I got my Gioco I used my OC for Lesportsac Bag Mon-Thurs. They probably think I have stock in Lesportsac lol. :p

  10. For work I use my Ciao ciao citta rosa
  11. all of them. Like DreamsofToki said, handbags are not covered in the dress code.
  12. I've carried my Inferno Zucca, Black Cammo Mamma Mia & Citta Bella to work before.
  13. I don't work in an office... and the preschool is the perfect setting to carry all my different tokidoki bags. The kids love seeing me walk in with them. I would think it wouldn't matter what handbag you carry to work, whether your dress code is casual or business... It's not like you're carrying your handbag wherever you go in your office. As long as the clothes you're wearing is professional, it shouldn't matter. If it does, that workplace is UPTIGHT!
  14. Thanks ladies!! Just curious as it's quite hard to look professional with a Tokidoki bag. Guess citta and playground print look more professional?

    maya_exquisite, you have the perfect working environment to use Tokidoki!!!
  15. lol i work as an auditor and I carry around my inferno campeggio. But .. if I have to go to a big meeting or something I switch all my stuff into a cute, black Nine West purse I have.