What tokidoki have you found in Loehmann's?

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  1. Hi ladies... Hubby is taking me tomorrow and just wondering what you guys have found at Loehmann's? I hope I find something good! Hehe I cant wait...:yahoo:
  2. I only found citta/citta rosa trenino(s), citta scuolas, and arancia zuccas/ciao ciaos

    I read recently that someone got a citta scuola from loehmann's for $89 I think? It was on LJ... I think they lowered the price there so they might be even cheaper now since when I saw the citta scuola it was $118 or something like that :smile:

  3. a few days ago i went to Loehmann's in burbank and i saw 3 scuolas and one arancia nuvola. I got a scuola with the perfect print placement for $85. woot woot!
  4. Same as thelilone except I also saw some Arancia BVs and Paradiso Bracialettos.
  5. I also saw:
    - Foresta Canguro (bought it! ;) )
    - Citta bracialetto
    - Citta portatelephono
  6. Ooooooooh I would die of happiness if they had any foresta... :yahoo:
  7. yeah, I saw a foresta trenino with THE most perfect print ever ( lots of monkeys and the blue bird ) so i put it on hold ( It was almost closing time and I did not have my credit card). I went back the next day and it had "mysteriously" disapeared from the room were they keep their holds. : (
  8. Omg..:wtf:... I would have :bagslap::lecture::noggin: kicked some butt, if that happened to me....
  9. How long ago was this?
  10. about 2 weeks ago. Yeah I was pretty mad too. (They kept asking me if I was sure I had placed it on hold the day before since they only hold for 24 hrs.) I told them it was the night before 12 hrs before uuugghhh
  11. In Denver I saw:

    Citta Scuolas
    Citta Portatelefono
    Citta Bracieletto
    Arancia Ciao Ciao
  12. i saw a buch of scuolas and some arancia stuff

    anyone in Baltimore

    the filenes basement had 2 arancia treninos 1 arancia zucca
    2 arancia bocces
    2 arancia denaros
    1 arancy mamma mia or maybe 2

    so yeah check it out ladies

    im back iin FLA

    my loehmans

    had foresta treninos but gone after a day
    and some citta rosa ones which were also gone
  13. I saw citta sculas and one nuvola, a citta rosa trenino, arancia ciao ciao and arancia nuvola in the New Hyde Park, NY Loehmann's. Good luck.
  14. My son just got home from college and wanted to go to Oscars. which was very near the Loehmann's in Irvine. I had called them and they had said no Tokidoki but I had my 200 points that needed to be used by Wednesday so I went in. I got a Arancia Buon Viaggio!!!! With the 20% off it came to $84 (then + $6.5 tax). Never thought I would get a Arancia but I love Foresta. I have to say that the orange is kinda fun (either that or its Tokidoki so of course it is fun). But the inside is perfect. Both complete trees on one side and the koi scene on the other. When I open the bag, I see my favorite- the blue bird at the bottom. So it has been a great day (even though I have poison ivy all up and down my arms)
  15. eek! wawahki ... yay for the arancia ... but boo for the poison ivy :sad: