what to where to a christmas party?

  1. ok so my company christmas party is coming up and i dont have a thing to wear...

    it is going to be held at a bowling alley, they are going to have a dance floor as well. i don't really wanna go to dressy but also not to casual. since bowling shoes are going to be required and im going to be moving around a lot i dunno what to look for.

    please help :confused1:
  2. Something very fun and break or metallic but not too dressy.....idk? I would have suggestions but the bowling shoes thing really threw me off. I agree with what you said, I wouldn't wear anything too dressy with bowling shoes. I know someone hear can probably help you out more. = )
  3. Sorry i meant to type bright, not break.
  4. thanks mcb100

    yeah i know the bowling shoes thing is so lame.

    our party has to be all age friendly because not everyone is 21 so yeah...

    hopefully a fashion fairy will come along and leave me some tips :smile:
  5. Shoot, I don't know but we are having a Xmas party at the racetrack and I also have no clue what to wear to that.
  6. Bowling shoes look sort of like converses, so think about what in your closet would look cute with a pair of converse shoes. Definitely any jeans outfit, and maybe a shorter skirt with a little volume?
    I hate those stupid shoes also. At least everyone else has to wear them too!

  7. ha ha yeah no kidding :yes:
  8. A race track is dressier than a bowling alley IMO... I think you could get away a LBD or a short cocktail dress that isn't strapless or too sparkly and poufy. Not that those dresses would look bad, I just think it would be too OTT. I'd probably wear a wrap dress with heels and pretty jewelry...

    For a bowling alley, I wouldn't even wear a dress. I would wear dress pants with a cute top. I'm all for dresses and skirts, but I think it would look ugly with bowling shoes. Plus, bowling in front of your boss and coworkers in a short dress could be disastrous. Think about it...