What to wear?

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  1. I spent like an hour yesterday in the closet just to find something to put on for going out running some errands. I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!! I look more fat than pregnant.

    So I'm curious......what do/did you guys wear during pregnancy? I find jeans with bella band still not as comfortable as a dress or skirt. and I refuse to buy any maternity pants.

    How can hollywood moms find cute stuff to wear?! I wanna look into maxi dresses....any brand recommendations? :shrugs:
  2. I lived in Forever 21 dresses when I was pregnant (and I was lucky that jersey gaucho pants were in style, but unfortunately are not done anymore) Just look at all the cheapy trendy stores for empire waist pieces, like Forever 21, H&M, Agaci, etc.

    Gypsy 05 and Rachel Pally make great, comfy dresses that work for maternity as well.
  3. Shop online at old navy maternity they have cute cheap stuff
  4. Any of these, they're fairly common.



  5. Rachel Pally gauchos have been a lifesaver! I have been living in them my entire pregnancy:P
  6. Many James Perse dresses are cut well for pregnancy. Hard Tail yoga pants/leggings/sweats are really comfortable, too.
  7. well just buy regular clothes in slightly bigger sizes... fashion is on our side this time~! with the gypsy stuff, the baby doll tops... its all very flattering..i also wear low rise jeans so i dont need a belly band or maternity pants..and tshirts without the tie thing at the back look the most flattering imo..
  8. For my 1st pregnancy I shopped at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Wet Seal for cute dresses. I bought them one size bigger, and they were really cheap so I didn't mind the fact that I'd wear them for a little while. (I actually still reach for some of them)

    Motherhood Maternity and Old Navy were great for actual maternity clothes when you get too big. I know it's scary to switch to maternity clothes, but they are soooo comfortable. Esp when you get bigger.
  9. Since you're 19 weeks I'd probably buy some maternity clothes. If you buy bigger regular clothes they can look sloppy and plus it could be a waste of money. I found a bunch of cute stuff at Mimi Maternity. Honestly, lots of the styles right now are so nice people can't tell they are maternity. I bought one black jersey dress there and it is my staple.
  10. It often seems more practical to buy alternative clothing sizes or styles when you are pregnant, but it usually doesn't work out that way. Whether they were maternity clothes or not, you probably will never want to set eyes on the clothes you wore during pregnancy again after you deliver! Regardless of how they look or fit, they will make you FEEL pregnant, which isn't what you want after delivery.

    Plus, like others have mentioned, wearing maternity clothing in your proper size can actually make you look trimmer and make it clear you are pregnant and not just bigger. Most people do need some maternity items at some point, and you might be pleasantly surprised by how they make you look.
  11. I agree with cutter, you might have to get some maternity clothes. I was able to wear regular shirts when I was pregnant but I had to wear maternity jeans and pants. Gap and Target has some good maternity clothing.