What to wear?

  1. What color and shape bag would you wear with a navy fitted peacoat?:confused1:
  2. personally, i'd wear anything with it...you can dress it up or down, make it funky or more formal...what are you thinking of pairing it with?
  3. I was thinking jeans and a LV red epi Speedy. But I would like to look a bit more casual sometimes. Perhaps a shoulder bag. All my other coats are brown or black so I'm not sure what to wear with it .
  4. ^^^Yeah, I think red, wine, green, tan, brown, light blue, etc. would ALL look good with navy. I think it will look FABULOUS with a red Epi Speedy:tup:
  5. I had ordered a green Cole Haan bag but I wasn't sure if I would wear it with the navy jacket. I like the idea of a wine colored bag. Any suggestions?
  6. Hmmm...judging by the Epi Speedy, we are shopping indifferent price ranges:p I have a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After in Berry and a Botkier Crosby Hobo in Burgundy, both of which I love, especially for fall. I know there have been some other threads lately about wine/burgundy bags...
  7. Love the idea of wine and navy. I also like green and brown with it.
  8. Anything goes with a Navy peacoat. Jeans and a sweater, a cute shift and knee high boots, etc. etc. A red speedy would be perfect:smile: Anthing in dark brown would, too. Wine sounds good:smile:
  9. Deep berry or wine colored would be fab. I'm thinking the petite Noe in epi, or a great hobo for a casual look.
  10. The Rebecca Minkoff and the Botkier hobo sound nice. I have never tried one of these bags but the pictures online look nice.I would like to go see them in person to make sure they are not to heavy,as I have shoulder issues.Love all the color suggestions.
  11. The petit Noe is a beautiful bag.I had tried it in mono but the strap hurt my shoulder, but perhaps the Epi one might be different. I love the hobo idea. If it's soft and light I can definately wear it.