what to wear with ugg mini classic boots?

  1. I just got a pair of ugg classic mini boots (black) but I'm not really sure how to wear them.
    have any of you got pictures of tips for me??

  2. I don't have any pictures, but I normally wear my classic minis (sand) with jeans. I got that length specifically to wear under my jeans. I'm not sure what else to wear them with because they're kind of an odd height. I normally wear my Classic Shorts with everything else. I saw a lady the other day wearing the classic minis with tights and a dress and it looked really odd.
  3. Personally, I only wear my Uggs with with jeans on occasion but mostly with my Juicy sweats. I usually only wear them to run errands and on the weekends.
  4. I wore them today with a pair of skinny jeans and legwarmers... looked cute!
  5. Jeans or Juicy sweats!

  6. same here!
  7. me too....the skinny jeans and leg warmers suggestion sounds scary...
  8. hahaha I know, i think you need to see it! it's not scary, and I wear the leg warmers really low so they look like big thick sock that stick out just over the top op my uggs, I'll post pics next time I wear them.
  9. Everyone on my old college campus freaking wore Uggs of all heights with denim miniskirts and it really pisses me off! Why would anybody want to look like Britney Spears, especially when it's the middle of January and freezing outside???
  10. ^ Uh, I hate that! I went to college in Miami and people always wore Uggs with denim minis when it was freakin 80+ degrees out (granted it was December)! I'm pretty sure if it's warm enough to wear a mini, they don't need to wear winter boots! I personally don't think it's a good look either.
  11. ^^^ YAH! Well up here in Oregon it rains a lot and SOMETIMES we are lucky enough to get snow and it seems like this is when the girls bust out the minis with the boots...seriously...not good.

    The best was when it was after a huge storm and the ground was frozen and this girl was wearing stiletto heels and a dress and her heel was so sharp it stuck in the g round and she tripped and ripped her foot out of the shoe and fell cause she was still walking!