what to wear with this sparkly gold top?

  1. I would obviously NOT wear the tights I was just too lazy to take them off ... but I don't like the shirt with the black pants I was going to wear. what color should I go for instead? I'll be in vegas and will be wearing a black coat while I am outside. the shoes are like a champagne color.

  2. Winter white pants would look very fresh with the gold top. You'd really stand out in a sea of black. The top appears flowing at the hem; if that is the case just make sure the pants are slim fitting so it will balance out.
  3. What about dark jeans? Would that be too casual?
  4. White pants or a pair of great premium jeans would really complete the look, I think; you can glam up the jeans by putting your hair up and wearing some more jewlery. And like someone else mentioned, do a slim bootcut or straight or skinny leg if you can - avoid a big flare or wide leg pants.
  5. maybe black shorts and black high boots? that would be hot =)
  6. A great pair of jeans with a nice dark wash and straight leg would look great with this!
  7. Jeans and boots............:tup:
  8. I am thinking jeans is too casual ... I originally tried it on with jeans and loved it though!!!

    I have some white/cream colored pants from express I will try it with that! thanks guys!!
  9. White skinny jeans!
  10. I like the jeans idea too.
  11. I would wear somthing with a skinnier fit because the top is allready flowy.

    maybe jeans or something khaki?

    (You have a really pretty hair colour btw :yes:)
  12. i really like the idea of winter white but i am looking at the curtain behind you and loving the idea of khaki/olive/brown with this...
  13. I agree, I think that jeans would look a bit too casual...

    I think it would look nice underneath a fitted black skirt suit, if the skirt had more of a pencil fit. It's sort-of like "power cocktail" attire if that makes any sense haha.
  14. cute shirt, but not with those pants and shoes.
  15. white pencil skirt and strappy sandals.