What to wear with this dress?

  1. So, I bought this dress and want to take it on my trip to Las Vegas in January. I'm going to be wearing it a night and I am a total Floridian and can't stand cold, so what can I wear to make it warmer? I was thinking a thin black long sleeve tee, but what on bottom? I don't really have any leggings/tights/hose/etc, so I'll need to buy something. I'll be wearing pointy toe black flats since there is lots of walking.

  2. I don't think you will need hose - you could also wear some type of sweater/shawl/wrap. I am thinking you won't be walking that much at night - more in the day (probably taxis at night) - so you could even do some heels. Great dress!!
  3. Haha, we walk everywhere because I am too cheap to take a cab! I'm not sure where we're staying yet, but we would be walking to the Mirage for a show and I really am a wimp in the cold. Seriously, yesterday was the first cold day here (high of 65) and I broke out the winter jacket.
  4. That is a very pretty dress! I find the air conditioning in Vegas extremely cold so a thin long sleeved black tee is a good idea or you could wear a dressy black sweater over it. You may not want to wear tights though.
  5. Ok, you admit that you are a wimp. So now what to do? I actually think that the dress would look cute with a black long sleeve tee - black tights or leggings would match well. But you are still going to need a jacket to walk around in. As Kat says - the casinos are way overairconditioned as well. Who makes your dress?
  6. Yeah, I have a black princess cut type jacket I'm going to bring. Should the black tights be patterned at all, or just black tights? Seems like I got some of the sheer spanx ones a while ago and didn't really like them on me, so I should probably go more opaque.

    The dress is actually from Walmart. :shame: I never go in there (I'm more of a Target person), but I went with my neighbor to go get her turkey this weekend and saw it. For $17 I figure I can buy a lot of cute accessories :biggrin:
  7. There is no Walmart by me - but I love Target! I need to find one ! You got a great dress - and yes, you can spend the money you saved in Vegas!
    I prefer unpatterned tights but you could make it more modern with a pattern.
    Have a great time - I love it there!
  8. I think you could wear a pashmina with it to keep you warm!!
  9. For the legs maybe close knit black fishnet stockings? But only if your legs are tan because fishnets on pale skin can sometimes tend to look slightly gothic lol!
  10. Cute dress! Even if its from Walmart, I would totally wear it. Its going to be pretty cold in Vegas in January at night. I know your wearing flats, but I would wear black boots w/ a black pashmina, like Minnie suggested :smile:
  11. Ugh, I have been on a search for black boots for the longest time!! I can't find any I like. I'll have to try again. :biggrin:
  12. On top I'd wear a short sleeved shrug and I'd wear black boots instead of shoes. Banana Republic has a cute black short sleeved shrug for $68.
  13. Thanks to a fellow PFer, I just bought Charles David Black boots for only $60 at Amazon.com!! Its under the deals & steals section.. :yes:
  14. I saw those!! I haven't been able to find a pair of boots I like on my feet though. I've tried on almost every boot at two malls and can't find ones I like. :crybaby:
  15. Good luck! Please post the outfit you decide on, can't wait!!