What to wear with this dress to a wedding?

  1. I'm wearing this dress to a wedding and I *must* wear tights to cover up hideous marks on my legs. What shoes and accessories should i wear with this? I'm 5' 2" and 105lbs.

  2. I would go with black tights and black closed toe heels...and a bulky bracelet and chandelier earrings... =)
  3. ^^ Should I wear gold/bronze accessories? What material shoes should I go for? The dress is a rayon/cotton like material.

  4. Will these work in tan or black? With black tights, of course.

  5. I like those! I wouldn't do black tights with the tan color though. The dress is beautiful. It will look nice with gold jewelry. =)
  6. I think gold/bronze accesories would be gorgeous with it! And I was going to say a strappy gold heel would go great with it but you're wearing black tights and well.. that wouldn't look too great LOL!

    And a black shoe will look a lot better then a tan shoe! I like the pair above!
  7. i would go with a black patent heel or gold strappy one?
  8. im not sure where the dress will fall on u, but if it goes down to your knees, i think fishnet stockings and a pair of black peeptoes will look gorgeous.
  9. Hi,

    I'm considering the following shoes:











    These are the only decent ones i can find on Zappos.com. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks :smile:

    I'm pretty sure it'd fall mid-thigh (assuming the measurement given on the website is accurate)
  10. nice dress, i think from the above choice you should go for the nine west or the steven heels! :smile:
  11. I wouldnt wear black shoes to a wedding, and I wouldt wear black tights either:
    I would wear nude colour tights, enough to cover up your marks on your legs, and I would either wear something like this:


    Alexander McQueen pumps, and take a pair of flats just incase for the dancing at night Hehe.
  12. :s You're wearing that dress to the wedding? Do the Bride & Groom know that you're planning on wearing such a short dress? I'm sorry, I come from a semi-traditional family and people would be staring during the whole ceremony if somebody came wearing such a short dress. Anyway, I'm not here to judge - so...

    I wouldn't wear black shoes with that dress....Not much help, sorry!
  13. Well, I wouldnt be wanting to wear black tights if my marks weren't that bad. Guess I should just stick with pants huh?

    lamiastella: I am only 5' 2", the model is like, say, 5'8"? The dress wouldnt be short on me! What color shoes do you suggest ?
  14. Have you thought about wearing coloured tights, such as opaque deep plum or slate or navy blue? When is the wedding? Is it indoors or outdoors? Those all will effect how dressy or casual you can make the accesories to the dress. I like some of the shoes you chose, esp the patent ones. I would go with a round toe pump though. It makes the outfit seem slightly more demure and sophisticated as opposed to "sexy". If you go with black tights, the black shoes with it will make your legs look longer. If you go with a deep colour i might wear bronze round toe pumps or find a pair to match the dress or the tights.
  15. I have thought about opaque deep colors but I can't seem to find any around. The black tights im wearing would be semi-opaque to opaque; I have both. I like semi-opaque, but on the other hand I hate the uneven, blotchy look it gives. So right now I'm leaning to just plain, black opaque. I wanted bronze shoes but I can't seem to find any! Would you be able to suggest a pair?

    The wedding will be indoors. It is a chinese wedding. It will first take place at a church, and then at a chinese restaurant for the traditional banquet.