What to wear with this colour???


Feb 1, 2019
I just snagged a croco bag in a very odd brown colour which is not quite dark chocolate and not a lighter cognac or saddle. Its got a very orangey undertone and dark highlights.

Now I know shoes don't have to match your bag.... but I feel like every pair I try actually clashes... I have a pair of ballet flats in a distressed vintage cognac and thought they would look ok but feel they clash. So far only all black like black jeans and shoes or boots with a brown cardi or shirt with browns in it is all I have been able to wear. Please tell me I can wear more with this color as the detail is amazing and I love the bag.

Pics are the bag and the ballet flats I was talking about. They look like they'd match in pics but the shoes are lighter and not as 'orangey' and I feel it ruins the look... tell me I am wrong pls! LOL

FYI I don't have this issue with any other color!!


Feb 9, 2019
You could try midnight blue or dark blue. Also dark chocolate brown. Beige or taupe might work too, depending on the undertones they have. Sometimes, if I have an item in my wardrobe that's an unusual color, I have had to set aside some time and gather up some clothing/footwear and try out different options in front of the mirror. Perhaps you can try this. You might end up finding some new color combinations that you like.
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Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
Don't match the bag to the shoes. Match the bag to a colour in a top or dress. For example, I recently bought pink Gucci loafers and there is no way I am trying to match a handbag to the shoes, so I looked in my closet and found a bunch of clothes with that same/similar pink and choose the handbag to match another colour in the clothing so that pink and the handbag colour are in the article of clothing.
May 16, 2020
Or pick a contrasting color that has none of the brownish tones in it at all for both clothes & shoes. Or go totally neutral on clothes & shoes.
This way the bag really stands out.


Sep 17, 2013
A few ideas: Wear those shoes (they’re fine with the bag) or black shoes/booties, with black jeans and deep toned, solid tops/sweaters like teal, deep purple, vivid yellow, cobalt blue. Balance out the strength of the bag with the top. Each will stand out equally. Stay away from pinks, magenta, red, gray. You could do all navy, top and bottom, or all black, with statement silver, gold or wood jewelry, or a scarf that picks up a bit of the bag color, if you like scarves. Enjoy styling!
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Better right now than never.
Sep 2, 2019
I would try with a dark metallic gray or a cool-toned beige outfit, and gold jewelry.
In my opinion, the flats you show us are casual and artificially aged, totally opposed to that luxurious crocodile.