What to wear with these?

  1. Please help! I FINALLY talked my g/f into letting me borrow these gorgeous Mollinis - now I just need to find something to wear with them !!

    What color(s) go best with them? Skirts, dresses or pants?

    Oh I'll just die if I have to give them back before I find the right outfit!
    Andreas Mollinis.jpg
  2. I think a Mod style short dress would be best with those
  3. yahoo
  4. :smile: I would wear them with a tunic dress/shirt with leggings.....probably black...or a black dress. Usually when you wear a solid dark color, shoes like that pop out a lot more. You can also try a pair of skinny jeans or dark jeans that stop at ankle.
  5. ooh! i agree with the ladies above. definitely a cute short dress or maybe some skinny jeans with a flowy top. i love those! they are amazing!
  6. I was also thinking skinny jeans around mid-calve or at the ankle, and a simple black top. I would keep it simple so that the shoes make all the statement...they're gorgeous!!
  7. Depends on your style.

    If it's you, do a mod mini, with or without leggings.

    If it's not your style, and you're more corporate, I'd say a pencil skirt in black/gray with a burgundy or white top.

    You can always go the young route and do the stovepipe jeans and a flirty top.
  8. i agree, keep it to solid colors so the attention focuses on the shoes, accessorize with some dramatic earings, bracelet. enjoy!