What to wear with these shoes?!??!

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I bought these shoes online. They are red velvet. When they arrived the color was much lighter than I expected. It is a BEAUTIFUL bright ruby red. I have never worn color this bright before. I don't want to return them, but I am not sure how to wear them in a classy way. I tried to attache a pic that shows the color as close as possible. The color of the edges near the toes is the closest. Any suggestions?

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  2. I was thinking that the teddy bear can be removed. But how can I wear this shoe without it appearing so bright because the color is beautiful still
  3. Those are pretty! I'd wear them with a little black dress and let the shoes make the statement. And because the shoes are velvet, they're good with cocktail or evening wear, but not daywear.
  4. There is no way in heck I would remove that teddy bear. Work that teddy! STart with a LBD til you get used to him.
  5. I love your shoes! :biggrin:

    I wouldn't remove the teddy either, it's such a lovely detail and not "too much." You could go the LBD route of course. But, I like the idea of wearing a dressier shoe with a more everyday sort of outfit. You could do cigarette or skinny ankle length pants- black would work, but so would the right shade of gray, a denim, etc.
    I love to play around when I get a new pair of shoes. I've recently gotten into higher end shoes and for the money I pay, I make sure that I'm wearing them as often as possible! I get my money's worth! :lol:

    I would say put together a few dark bottoms, whether pants or skirts and try the shoes with them until something clicks! Obviously I'd keep the outfit simple and let the shoes shine.
  6. These are adorable! I love the LBD suggestion, or even a cute solid pale pink or white dress. I love the crimson red color of these shoes a lot.
  7. they are very pretty :smile: they would look great with a LBD!!!
  8. I wouldn't limit the wear to a LBD, they're so playful and fun with the teddy. Wear 'em with jeans!
  9. Jeans of course! Skinny, ankle length, not necessarily black. Dark or light wash, you will be perfect!
  10. Yes to jeans or casual trousers....
  11. I'd do a midnight blue dress with a beautiful fabric - silk or wool (not velvet though - you don't want velvet overload) - I love midnight blue with ruby red, and I think you need a great fabric to set off the velvet on the shoes.
  12. They look dressy to me...not sure about jeans. First thing that came to my mind was a black dress.