What to wear with these pants???

  1. I am thinking more Gwen Stefani than nautical!! The pants look great on. Fitted at the top...with really wide bottoms. Thew were originally $1200.00, and I bought them at my favorite consignment shop for $28.00 (tags still on). I just am not sure what to wear on top!!! Ideas??? Thanks so much in advance!!!
    clothes 002 (Medium).jpg
  2. Are those lounge wear?
  3. No...they are Ralph Lauren...silk!!! They button up one side....so are flat front...with really flowing legs. I have to wear flat shoes....because they are only 33" long...and I need 35" to wear heels. But with flats...the bottoms almost cover my toes.
  4. I'm thinking a crisp white sleeveless shirt with some funky jewelry. Where's passerby when we need her? She always has the best ideas.
  5. Yes...passerby would be good...or Bags4me!!! I really need ideas!!!
    What I had in mind...was a white one-shoulder shirt...possibly?????
  6. Ok, since it's silk and seems pretty wide-legged, I suggest wearing a white shirt with a twist - like you can get those more 'special' white shirts with different detailing...e.g. with ribbons ties/ruffles. Keep the top cinched in, and you can wear a chunky heel (Alaia and Marni have got some fierce ones)

  7. Thanks Vogue for the ideas....I think to pull it off without looking like a sailor...it may lie in the right choice of shoe!!!
  8. Call me crazy, but I think you could even get away with wearing brown leather loafer style shoes--flat or with heels.

    (Does suggesting this mean that I'm frumpy? :wtf: :p)
  9. I am reviving this thread, as I have still not worn these pants because I cannot seem to pair them well. I have seen that nautical is "in" for Spring....so I am thinking....white t-shirt, and flat white sandals. Ideas, please, because these pants are so gorgeous!
    Maybe pics, if anyone has any good ideas!!! I hate being too matchy, match...that is why I have shied away from the white top/shoes combo. I could also wear my red metallic flats/Bbag???

  10. silk tee- casual chic


    rope- a nautical nod
  11. So sorry for the OT comment but Anne, I would LOVE to see pics of your closet! You have some amazing items and I bet your closet is to die for!
  12. simple tube with a crazy chunky necklace and some "fierce" heels as mentioned above
  13. i'd go with a plain white tank, tucked it for a lean look up top to balance the flowiness of the bottoms. i would definitely suggest high heeled sandals, but since the hem is too short for you; go with sandals like the ones you posted with your bal. then i'd go with a long, plain silver necklace maybe...i'd keep the accessories simple because the focus of your outfit would be the pants!

    what color is the other stripe - red or orange? if you go with the metallic sandals, i wouldn't wear the outfit with the matching bal - a little OTT (for me at least).