What to wear with these boots?

  1. I love, love these boots. I work at home, don't really consider myself a fashion diva by any stretch AT ALL. I'm 5'8" and healthy (read: could stand to lose 15-20 pounds) :shame:

    I work at home, so no need for dressy.... I want a cute look for running errands, shopping, going out.

    I would love everyone's input ~ suggestions?

  2. I'd say, they're the perfect casual boot to wear with jeans. :yes:

    Very nice! :biggrin:
  3. Get some jeans that aren't boot cut! Tuck them in.
    Or tights with a jean skirt and a nice big sweater.
    I always find if you wear a big sweater, it's nice to pull your hair back.
    Evening sizes out is important... big boots, tights on legs, jeans skirt (not baggy or tight), big sweater, small hair.

    Those are really cute boots!!!

    Other simple top ideas that would work well with the boots and a jean skirt are long sleeved plain top with a great long scarf, you could even add a vest.
  4. Thanks ~ I love the long sleeve top with a scarf and vest!! Thanks :smile:

    "big sweather, small hair" :upsidedown: Simple advice, but you're absolutely right!

    The boots are "Vail" by Roxy. I caught a great sale at TJ Maxx. You can find them online too.

    ETA: Think this bag is *too* much suede with the boots?
  5. It's PERFECT.
  6. :P I actually bought that bag twice. The first one I had I sold on Ebay and then I really, really wanted it back! Luckily I found another one......
  7. skirts