What to wear with these amazing booties??

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  1. #1 Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
    Alright ladies, I have these Tashkent By Cheyenne booties (in olive) that I LOVE but I'm finding it hard to pair them with outfits. I feel like I have to wear all black with them and I've only ever worn them with short dresses.

    I'm going to NYC (for the first time!) in Oct and I want to really let loose and wear all the amazing pieces that I own because it's such a cool, fashion-forward city!

    If you owned these booties what would you wear them with?
    Note: The lows will be in the 40s around then so cold weather outfit suggestions would be great! Get as creative as you want!

    TIA!! :flowers:


    Quick mod shots:



    From the website:

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  2. I think they'd look awesome with black skinny jeans tucked into them...

    They are gorg for sure. :smile:
  3. Thanks you SunglassLove and JCinwrppingppr! Keep them coming guys! And definitely post pics and links like JC did - I will totally go out and buy something if I like it. :yes:
  4. My ideas:
    with a cute dress (like in your pic)
    with skinny jeans tucked in
    with denim shorts or any cute pair of shorts
  5. ^I wouldn't wear those with shorts, but that's just my personal opinion:smile:
    Cute booties!
  6. quick outfit ideas:

    -dark/black skinnies with a cream/white/dark gray top. nuetral colored cardi?
    -khakis/cargo skinnies (since the shoes make me think they're a little military colored) with a loose white top
    -some sort of sweater dress would be cute
    -a black romper!

    basically the colors black, dark gray, khakis, whites, creams, browns, and a military green as a top would complement your booties well

    your mod shots are great btw!
  7. those are amazing. fabulous legs too!
    i say everything that has been suggested but not really liking shorts with those
  8. They're beautiful and your legs are amazing!!
  9. i looove dresses, even in the winter! so I would do either:
    1. a printed dress with neutral tights (grey, black). cardigan (belted)/ or jacket.
    2. Neutral dress with jewel tone tights (navy blue, dark purple, black, grey and a leather jacket :smile:
    i like the idea of tights peeking through the side of the shoe :biggrin:
  10. You ladies are the best, thank you! :flowers::flowers:

    I LOVE all these recommendations!! Honestly, as dumb as it probably sounds, I have never, EVER worn these with anything other than black. I LOVE the idea of the cargo skinnies, maybe some J Brand Houlihans! Thank you dear linh. :woohoo:

    I really like both recommendations, especially #1! I need more prints in my life...almost all of my goodies are solids and a couple striped pieces. Thank you so much!

    I've been armed with fab ideas and now I'm ready to shop! :graucho:
  11. love them!! I'd wear them with skinnies... maybe even rolled up a little so you can see the whole boot...
  12. A sweater dress with textured tights would be really cute :biggrin:
  13. leggings, skinny jeans, jegging, opaque stocking w/ dress or skirt...
    they are nice...:love: