What to wear with red shoes?

  1. I love these Red Patent Clergeries shoes and couldn't resist them. Now I'm having a hard time deciding what to wear with them. I have a party next week Sunday and was thinking longer black skirt, black tights, red epi speedy and what else ??? Sweater, blouse, what color??? Will more red just make me look shorter??
  2. They are beautiful! Maybe a black or off-white slim-fit sweater?

    I can also see these with skinny jeans and a great white top with a black belt.
  3. I definitley agree with skinny jeans, preferably in a dark wash but not black. Please don't wear a black skirt with them!!! It would look slightly matronly & make your feet look really heavy! But I love those shoes!! The patent red is sexy!
  4. Adorable shoes! I usually do not like Robert Cleragie designs, but these are cute.

    What to wear? Skinnies for sure (I agree definitely not black). Or...

    Black cropped pants or gauchos (not too flouncy).
  5. Go with skinny jeans
  6. When I wear my red bandana print Keds (which, I am sure you are aware, are The New Black Pump) I like to do top and bottom in all neutrals, like brown and beige, or shades of gray, and then carry a red bag, too!

    Sometimes I will just do jeans, a neutral bag, and a top that has maybe a touch of red in embroidery or something.
  7. Ohhh they are hot :biggrin:
    I say go with skinny jeans ^^
  8. OK, skinny jeans it is! I was thinking skirt because I thought they would look great with tights. Thanks for all the input!!
  9. I think short skirts (with tights) would look good too!
  10. I love red shoes! I'll wear black, grey, cream, navy or white usually. I especially love grey with red lately.
  11. first off-these shoes are hot. I'd wear dark wsh skinny jeans and a deep purple baby doll top. I'm lovin' purple and red atm
  12. black, white or blue!
    skinnies or leggings....they are very versatile IMO!
  13. A short mod-looking, shift dress--those shoes are begging for mod attire!!!!!
  14. ^ I agree! Also, skinny jeans might be hard because of the ankle strap...
  15. any of the above suggestions are great. i just wouldn't wear something red bc it would be too "matchy" and you should let your shoes shine!