What to wear with PINK BOOTS?

  1. Ok, before you think Im some kind of ghetto whore, the pink is very settle, its not a bright Pepto Bismol pink. Its more of a lighter pink, they are cute, I promise! lol.

    Anyway, I plan on putting them on with a light colored skinny jean, tucked into the boot. But, what color shirt should I wear? I was thinking a plain black or white top, would that look funny?
    Im in the process of trying to find the boots online, but they are from a couple of seasons ago, so I cant find them. Help!

    They are XOXO brand boots, if anyone thinks they can find them...go for it! lol
  2. I think it would look fine with a white shirt. I'm not too sure about black though, I would need to see the color first.
  3. I wear a pair of pale pink Jim Barnier lace up kneelength Granny boots with jeans and anything white or grey on top..I use the pink as if it were a neutral..you will be surprised how well they work with colors from browns to marroons..good luck with the hunt for your boots.
  4. Thanks for the help so far!!!

    Using the pink as a neutral is a fabulous idea. Im not sure if browns would go very well with the color of boots that I have though.

    I actually already have the boots, but I was trying to find them online so I didnt have to take an actual picture of them. I really need to take a picture so you all know what I am talking about.