What to wear with pink and white Gucci?

  1. I just got a pink and white Gucci satchel for summer. I just realized I used to
    own a lot more pink clothes than I do now.

    What colors would you wear with it? Do you think it is absolutely necessary to wear say a shirt that is pink or has pink in it? The bag is actually a very pale/light pink.

    I know I can wear white but what else? Wondering if I should return it even though I love the bag.
  2. keep it, i bought a peptobismo colored MJ venetia, and I Loooooove it! I wear it with everything except for red and I tend to not have much blue and yellow in my closet, but everything else goes. grays, beige, etc. what colors are you partial to?
  3. I Lo-o-ve pink with navy, gray, and brown. You can even wear it with shades of purple and burgundy. I would keep it and just wear what you like-cute with jeans too!:smile:
  4. I think it would look cute with a white top (maybe a crisp, button down type shirt) or white sweater and jeans :smile:Sooo jealous of your bag BTW...it sounds so cute!
  5. Khaki / Brown color?
  6. Thanks guys. I guess I will keep it since I do really like the bag. You've convinced me!

    Never thought about it with jeans but I do think it would look cute in the spring/summer.
  7. i agree! That would look nice!
  8. Do you have pics of the purse? I would love to see it.
  9. Hmm..I haven't figured out how to take pictures with my cell phone yet. Sorry. I will try.

    I bought the bag at the Gucci Outlet in Secaucus, New Jersey a couple of months ago. It was produced last year. It is a satchel but the handles are long enough to carry over the shoulder. The gucci logo part is in a very pale pink (from far away you almost can't see the logo) and it borders in white leather and the handles are white leather.

    Let me see if I can figure out how to take a picture.

    By the way, if you guys are ever looking for a gucci at a discount, you can always call the outlet and if they have it, they will ship it to you. The bag I bought was originaly $898 and I bought it for a little over $500--WHat a bargain!
  10. Congrats on you new bag, I am going to say it would look great with greys and brown.
  11. ohhhh sounds cute! I have a pink suade gucci and i love it....but i NEVER wear it with pink (you dont wanna look like barbie!), because i think that would just look too tacky!! I love wearing it with teal and even purple....im a colors type of girl so anything that makes it pop! beige, white and black is ALWAYS safe, but you really can wear pink bags with almost everything...except red and pink!

  12. That's interesting. I have a red bag and I don't wear it with red either--unless my blouse has a little bit of red in it or something.

    I was thinking the pink might also look good with khaki capri's or something in the summer.