What to wear with patterned shoes?

  1. So I've been perusing a number of cute shoes that are crazy patterned lately, but I'm worried about getting them because I have no idea what to wear with them.

    So... what would you wear with these?:
    coachflats.jpg anthropologiebirdseedflats.jpg marcbymarcmouseshoes.jpg nanettelepore.jpg
  2. Ok, I admit. I bought a pair too, but I still have no clue what to wear with them!
  3. 1) Jeans w/ a solid color top or
    2) Solid color dress.

    They are super cute though!
  4. Well, for the last one with the heel, I'd say maybe a light beige suede skirt and a white sweater, accessorized with a wood bead necklace and wood bangles, maybe with goldtoned metal somewhere on them for a fall outfit and just a light brown skirt worn with an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse for summer. But for the flats...you've got me stumped too. Hope this helped though!
  5. I have a few patterned flats for casual days..its best to keep it simple. Jeans, a simple top, and a nice bag. Depending on the colors in the shoe you can pull a color for the top and a sep. for the bag as long as they compliment each other.
  6. Jeans and a plain top. I'd go for the colour that shows the least in the pattern. It'll still match, but won't look matchy-matchy.
  7. I have those Coach ballet flats from last season (and must admit that I was veryyyyy pissed that theywere being re-released although this season it's metallic) but newho , I wear them usually with a cami of one color and a shirt of another with Jeans and a navy or cream bag. I also wear them with a simple dress and a bag with a legacy scarf tied on them. Whatever you do, please wear solid colors and unless ur dressed kinda down, DONT wear the matching bag (that goes for all) IMO...
  8. I have shoes like that and when I wear them its with solid colors :shrugs:
  9. Something plain, e.g
    A LBD - with no pattern on it.
  10. I have a pair of Steve Madden leopard near-flats (very low wedge) and I wear them with mostly solids. Today I'm being adventurous and have them with a patterned top! It really depends on the outfit. As long as the patterns don't compete, I think you can get away with it. Just remember that when you're wearing more plain clothing, the shoes become the focal point of the outfit. Today I'm treating my top as the focal point, and the shoes become more of a "neutral."


  11. I would pair them with solids. I would choose colors that are either in the shoe (i.e., the Coach flats) or compliment them (i.e., the animal prints).

    You can pair two patterns together as long as one is very weak and the other is stonger. For example, animal print shoes would work with pinstipe pants since the shoes are strong and the pinstipes are weak.